From leftovers to lovely.

I fried off the onion and a few mushrooms in a bit of margarine, added two chopped uncooked chicken breasts. Added some leftovers veggies and spuds I had in the fridge.  I mixed up some instant gravy (sorry Jamie/Delia/Gordon! No pots of expensive chicken stock here) and poured over the top. I rolled out some left over pastry and threw it one top. The result, meat and two veg in a pie. Serve hot, with a dollop of ketchup in front of the telly with a cuppa.

From getting in the door, to actually eating it………….about thirty five minutes!

Pie – pre cooking, it was lovely and golden when it came out!


8 thoughts on “From leftovers to lovely.

  1. I'm sure you were tired and hungry, so we'll forgive you for not taking an “after” picture of the golden crust! Hope you're staying plenty warm. These are the winters you can tell your grandkids about! LOL Liz


  2. We all have goto recipes for those days when the gap between dinner and tea was longer than we hoped for!

    We regularly cook extras and eat the same thing more than one night running.

    That said, there is a lot to be said for pasta, mixed veg and grated cheese.


  3. yum – I just this winter came across the trick of throwing a top crust on top of gravied veggies like that . it's so fast and so delicious.
    maybe it's different in the UK (I'm in the US), but stock is THRIFTY here if you make your own. I do keep some bouillion cubes on hand, but mostly I make and freeze stock to use.


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