Ultimate money saving……..sarcasm warning!

First of all, get a job as a teacher. Leave home at 6.30 every morning and work until 6.30 each night! Arrive home just after 7 pm! Then spend all Sunday preparing lessons and the evenings when you get  home, marking books! You will have no time for expensive hobbies or going into any shops. You will be so tired that you won’t go out in term time. Teaching is the ultimate money saver. Oh and further to money saving……..school holidays are the most expensive times to go on holiday and most teachers can’t afford that, so that’s more money saved!


15 thoughts on “Ultimate money saving……..sarcasm warning!

  1. So true -You forgot to add that most of the non teaching community will think all us teachers have it easy with our 9-3 jobs and 13 weeks holidays a year, still we do a valuable job as the scapegoat for all of society's ills! xxx


  2. Hi there Simply vintage – I'll remember that when I'm second marking 120 pieces of controlled assessments, and marking all of my key stage 4 books, and lesson planning, and preparing teacher training, and completing my compulsory masters degree – in my holidays – that'll save me money as I won't have time to go out in the hols either – all's good xx


  3. both my stepdaughters are early childhood teachers, they get exactly twice the hourly rate that i do, they work anywhere from 7am to 5.30 monday to friday..sometimes its only 8.30 – 3.30, they have 4 wks leave plus 12 stat hols per year, and party all weekend. on the other hand my neighbour is a primary teacher, we never see or hear from him much….


  4. Thanks Mac n Janet – I am paid for 40 weeks a year and 32.5 contracted 'directed' hours a week. I work 11 hours a day in school and another 10 hours a week at home, so I work twice as many hours as I'm actually paid for.


  5. Well, you should try nursing for hard work! The fact is that we all work hard and just do what we have to. We surely all deserve any holidays that we get. Sorry you can't go at 'cheap' times of the year but don't really see a way round that. Keep up the good work.


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