Gluten Free mince pies

£2.50 for 4! I’m sure they’re lovely but for the price they should be!

 I have an intermittent health complaint and I have to eat a plain diet. It’s flared up recently and I’ve been really uncomfortably ill. It’s made worse by any kind of junk food, especially anything processed or with any amount of chemical or additives. I’m so used to chemical free, simple homemade food that the mince pie, given to me at work (exceedingly good by all accounts!) made me so ill, that I was up all night. I really love mince pies and have made my own gluten free mince pie. I’ve tested them today and I will see if there is any adverse effect! I could buy them, but at £2.50 for four, they are too expensive for me. I made 12 for £1.48 at 12p each. Gluten free pasty is difficult to master and you have to make it slightly wetter and leave it to rest for longer. It then tends to fall apart when rolling, so you have to make it slightly thicker. It’s much lighter than normal pastry and has a delicate crispiness to it. It tastes different too, more biscuit like than pastry. An acquired taste……… I better go back and eat another mince pie to make sure I acquire it!

£1.82 a bag! Three times the cost of normal flour.

£1.48 for 12 homemade gluten free mince pies.

These were really light, crispy. A million times better than the over sugared stodgy shop bought ones.

9 thoughts on “Gluten Free mince pies

  1. My daughter and myself have to eat a nut, wheat and gluten-free diet. We are lucky that we get our flours, pastas, crackers and some breads on prescription……..when I make gluten-free pastry I add an egg to the mix which helps with binding and makes the pastry more manageable……..also it's best to knead the pastry for a good few minutes to get a smooth dough.
    Basically it's just practise, your mince pies look scrumptious.


  2. I tried gluten free for awhile & actually felt better, but it did entail a whole new way of cooking/thinking, so I gave up easily. Thanks for this recipe. Maybe if I just tried a new recipe here and there the switch wouldn't seem so daunting.


  3. Haven't made any for myself for several Christmases as the pastry is such a bum to work with – but if I think about it, I'll try the egg suggestion made here – thanks.


  4. Delicious mince pies there Carol. We try to make our own whenever possible, and use locally milled flour too. So we are not left with the plastic trays that the supermarket pies are individually packed into, in the box.

    Please, please, if possible only buy foods and gifts this Christmas that are not covered in tonnes of plastic. The wildlife who live in our oceans, and who become trapped in the discarded wrappings, and who ingest the milliomns of pieces plastic floating in the seas, will thank you a thousand fold for your thoughts.


  5. Hi Tina – if you check the 'frugal food' section,you will see how I made the mince meat – it has no gluten. the pastry was half veggie fat to gluten free flour, blitzed in the processor. make sure you chill the fat,then chill the water and then chill the pastry before you use it, roll out gently as gluten free pastry isn't sticky but lovely and light when cooked.


  6. Timely reminder – woke up this morning feeling awful; discovered the corn chips I ate at yesterday's BBQ weren't gluten-free. I've been sticking to GF diet really well for about 3 months and it has made huge improvement to my health. Will definitely try your recipe as I don't want to be a 'martyr' at Christmas! Thanks!
    SueH, Perth, Australia


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