Topping up my wardrobe in the sales

Was £25 – now £12.50

Was £14 – now £7

Was £16- now £8

Was £18 – now £9

I’m in the luxurious position of being able to afford a few new bits of clothes here and there. I usually shop in charity shops, car boots sales and even jumble sales. I’m the most popular size. Size 16. Any one who is that size, will know, most of the popular items soon disappear in the shops and there is little if anything in that size in charity shops. I’m also 5′ 10″ so most things are not long enough. I have to buy size 18 in cheaper shops such as Matalan, New Look or H&M. I just can’t afford to shop in places like Dingles, John Lewis or M&S. I also find that items in charity shops can be over £5, therefore, it’s often cheaper to buy new.

If and when I buy new clothes, they come from the big discount stores or the supermarket and I even bought a work suit on a discount (with money back vouchers) from Tesco. I’m thrilled to have bought: one jacket, one jumper and two cardigans for £36.50 and I even managed to find a free delivery code, so that is all they cost me. I also bought it through Quidco and got a further 7.5% cashback. Reducing the amount to £33.76. I saved really hard earlier in the year to buy some work clothes, and as I usually miss the sales; I’m thrilled that I was up early enough to buy these well needed warm clothes today. Thanks Matalan. BTW. This is not a sponsored post!

Those of an easily offended nature can stop reading now! I was up really early this morning and watched some recorded TV. I sat and munched my toast and drank my tea and watched Rick Stein’s ‘Cornish Christmas’. I then headed back to bed. No amount of affection would rouse the snoring Dearly Beloved! I must be losing my charm! So……………I went shopping instead!!! The moral of this is! More marital harmony leads to less shopping!!!!


6 thoughts on “Topping up my wardrobe in the sales

  1. Well done you. I've just been given a 20% off voucher for Matalan today that expires tomorrow from a friend who works there, I'm tempted to go know! Have a lovely weekend. S x x


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