Total luxury

 All week long, frugality reigns. I fill sink up with hot water and have a wash! That’s it. To any clean freaks, that might sound a bit scummy, but you are welcome to a sniff and I assure you that I keep myself clean at the lowest cost. Tonight is Spa night. Long hot soak in the bath with plenty of Tesco bubbles

 Light dusting of talc…………..Poundland, of course!

 I’m scrubbed, exfoliated (scrubby sponge….3 for £1) and moisturised. It’s a real luxury when I save my bath for the weekend. I’ve left the water in the bath to flush the loo for the rest of the evening….bucket and chuckit!

I’m about the lowest maintenance woman I know!


11 thoughts on “Total luxury

  1. great!! i NEED to shower each day as i sweat like a pig (do pigs sweat?) but if you can get away with it and save water thats good. as a society weve got a bit carried away with cleaning business. ive timed my showers and i take about 3 1/2 to 4 minutes using about 6 litres a minute, once a day.


  2. Gosh that brings back memories,strip down washes,bath night once a week…the good days i had with my gran growing up…you and her would have got on like a house on fire…
    take care and enjoy your luxury


  3. I love your “bucket and chuck it” routine – it makes so much sense!
    I'm a shower person myself, but still have to watch water consumption – keep the showers short!


  4. since showers are quicker, it's been ages since I've had a bath. Looks like you really do them up right. And what fun is there in being low maintenance if you don't occasionally go for it?!


  5. I had a wash like this every day when growing up and bath and hair wash once a week. Nowadays I have a bath everyday. I have a bad back and I don't think I'd make it out of the door to work without my morning soak in the bath which I have complete with a book and morning coffee. I run the bath slowly whilst I'm tending to my animals needs. My mornings have always been filled with frantic activity before dashing to work and I'm so grateful I now am able to make time for my mining soak! Good on you though for saving money and water!


  6. I envy you… a BATH! I only have a shower, use it every other day for about 5 mins only.
    I miss having a bath, I used to do the same, with candles, music and a glass of wine if I could run to it! Happy days!

    Sandie xx


  7. Yay! I have an indulgent wash about once a week too- make my own olive oil and sea salt scrubs and sometimes have a read in the bath (with essential oils) follwed by the practical hairwashing shower but most of the time I use a dry brush in the morning and a microfibre cloth for sink washing. Suits me well and i am happy to read that I am not alone in my approach- people can be very closed minded about such a silly thing- showering too much will make you age quicker I think!


  8. Not supermum, you only get stinky where flesh rubs together, armpits and the like. Anywhere else air will evaporate sweat off you before bacteria can breed and it is the bacteria in sweat that smell not the sweat itself.

    A sponge bath in the areas likely to get whiffy really is all it takes.

    Ask any nurse about this, it's what bed baths were really about. Someone who used to be a carer explained this to me and it really is true. I am one of natures sweaty people and I don't smell with a reduced full cleaning regimen.


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