Just trying to get by!

 Those of us with a daily commute, know the cost is going up and up all the time. When I moved, and started a new job in 2007, I used to fill my car up with a tank full of diesel for £33 and it would last me the entire week. Now that diesel costs £1.27 a litre, the car is almost unaffordable to commute on a daily basis. My salary hasn’t gone up but all of my bills have. My commute would cost an extra £680 a year (or £1000 before income tax). My only option is the train.

 That too is going up! But no where near the hike in prices we constantly have with diesel! My commute will increase from £96.80 per month to £102.60. As everything goes up all the time; we’ll just have to cut back else where. No one has any spare money any more!

 We’ve almost frozen to the bone this week. The trains are affected by the cold weather and they are often delayed. That means we have to stand in the cold until it arrives. The little country rail way stations don’t have indoor facilities worth mentioning.

 We also have to leave really really early to get our trains. We leave the house at 6.30 am to get the 6.50 train and we don’t get home until 6 pm at  night. The cost of saving money means we have a long day and a chilly walk home in the evening. It’s certainly bracing and we’ve both taken to wearing two pairs of gloves, hats and hoods, extra pairs of socks and several layers of clothing.

If any of you wonder what I would do if I won the lottery (I never buy a ticket BTW!) – I would fill the car up with diesel and go any place I like!!! Just because I can!


11 thoughts on “Just trying to get by!

  1. Ouch – poor you – we've no option to take a train here, not many buses and petrol £1.299 (deisel – 1.33/4?) – having to travel into work seriously is not funny. Filled car on Friday £66.57 – use to be well under £40 – world gone crazy.
    Now it comes out of the food/clothes budget – not a happy bunny – we keep milk/bread in freezer no way I'm going out for milk when a trip to town now is over £4 – don't envy you travelling at all – nor anyone else commuting. Keep warm


  2. The cost of diesel (and petrol) just goes up and up doesn't it! I became a car-owner two years ago. I lost my job two months ago and even though that's obviously not good, the amount of money I've not been spending on diesel has been terrific!
    Greatly admire your stamina and determination in living frugally, especially with regards to (not) heating your house.


  3. Don't forget to cut the necks off of your man's old turtlenecks. They make a great extra layer around the neck and under a hat.

    When my socks get holes, I cut off the cuffs and use them as a double layer to keep my ankles warm. That's also important when you need to keep out snow!


  4. We have cut back the amount we use the car drastically, no quick trips here or there any more we plan each outing to take in several errands at once. Its the only way we can hang on the the car. When we have to give it up we will have to moved from our cottage in the country into the town.


  5. I hardly use the car compared to most to and from work which is 1.5 miles away ( woudl walk but childminder in different direction and i cant get there early enough to set up etc – I walk occassionally when i know i have an easy day)

    and to th super market over 3 miles away, say once a week and occasionally dropping lil bits off at their grand parents and it costs me £15 per week, i walk anywhere else under 3 miles, i dread to think how much it would cost if i did not do the walking.


  6. I sympathise, we live high up in the hills in West Yorkshire. It's flippin freezing at the moment. Mr Twigs has a fair commute to work each day. I had the car on Tuesday for Twiglet's school trip, so Mr Twigs had to bus it into work, the bus turned up 40 minutes late, it was -7 outside. If he works at his normal office it's 2 buses and a train journey away and obviously if a bus is late he misses his train. We get our shopping delivered as we worked out it would cost us a lot more in petrol than paying the delivery charge. fuel prices are criminal. Keep warm and safe.
    Twiggy x


  7. The cost of fuel is going up, isn't it? Last week we filled the bus and for the first time it cost over £90! I felt quite dizzy when paying, lol!

    Your travel to and from work sounds quite bracing! It's been a long time since I had to go out to work in the dark and cold and I don't envy you for it at all – it does sound like you wrap up well, though. Take care x


  8. Hubby is retired and I don't work. His retirement pay is good, but I worry, worry because the price of EVERYTHING keeps going up. That's why I try to be as frugal as possible on the the one-time-use products, including gas/petrol. I envy you your access to great public transportation. (but I don't envy you the chilled to the bone walk home!)


  9. Spare a thought for those on low income that have no choice but to take the car. There are plenty around who live in rural locations that aren't served by any kind of bus/train service.

    Of course these locations typically have lower than average wages as jobs tend to be outnumbered by those who want them, and the fuel prices tend to be even higher at the rural pump.

    It's just another thing wrong with the world that so many people have to travel so far to find work.

    Why there isn't local work for everyone I don't know, something never quite seems to stack up on that one.


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