Investing in some winter warmers!

2 pairs of thick fluffy socks £1.99

Really cheap to run plug in radiator £29.99

Men’s Long Johns £3.99

Microfibre blanket £6.99 each

Hello chilly peeps! You know I am not one for spending money I do not have to spend, but sometimes there are things that you can keep for years, that are worth investing in, that don’t cost too much. I email updates from Lidl and I’m looking forward to popping into my local Lidl on Monday 13th, as these are some of their offers. I’ll stock up on socks for myself and my daughter, those fluffy fleecy socks are just wonderful in this weather. I really think, that if your feet are warm that you will be warmer all together.

I have a plug in, oil filled, electric radiator, which I use in the room I am in, instead of the central heating. I live in a four bed house and there are just the two of us. It keeps us really warm and saves us a great deal of money. They can cost a lot, however, the current offer from Lidl is a great price and it will last you for years to come. It will soon pay for itself. I shall not be buying one myself as I still have one but it’s a good deal for under thirty quid.

Dearly Beloved and my son resort to wearing two pairs of trousers in the winter. DB because he has to endure the wait at the station in -5 and my son because he’s a builder and works in un heated buildings! I’ll buy them both some long johns! Not the greatest fashion accessory! But They will have warm legs.

If any of you are stuck for a Christmas present to buy, you can not beat a micro fibre blanket. They are so warm! They can be expensive but at Lidl, they will only be £6.99 – I will buy one for my son and daughter as a Christmas present. They know how to wrap up. If you have a Lidl near you, sign up to the Lidl website and you will get a twice weekly up date of offers. You have to get there early if you want the bargains as they go fast and I’ve even known people to queue if it’s a really good offer.

P.S – this is not a sponsored post!!! I just know a bargain when I see one and would like to share the information.


9 thoughts on “Investing in some winter warmers!

  1. Hester does better than us – we can't usually get to Lidl until 5.30 at the earliest : ) We often get there to find empty spaces where the bargains have been. Still, we have managed to acquire a few over the years and we're very grateful for them. Their power tools have proven to be good quality and the TV has lasted for years. And the halfprice fruit and veg is wonderful. And we like the food. And it is the closest supermarket to work so it doesn't cost lots of petrol to go there. Yes, I'm a Lidl fan too!


  2. We stocked up on socks & long johns at the weekend but thanks for the heads up anyway!

    Hardup Hester: if they're out, I've got some long johns from eBay, two for £5-ish inc free p&p. They're probably not going to last my boy for the rest of his life but they're lovely and soft, and will last a few winters at least. I want to see him get into the habit of wearing them before investing in more expensive ones (he's doing pretty well so far!)


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