A night on the town

 Tonight, Liskeard had its ‘Lighting up’ ceremony. It’s one of the many community events that happen in our little Cornish town. All of the schools, youth groups and local clubs such as the ‘Royal Naval Association’ (a club for retired members of the Royal Navy) make lanterns from withies, covered in tissue paper, then coated with PVA to make them water proof and they have little lights inside them. My photos just don’t do the parade justice. A huge amount of work must have been made and I take my hat off to the volunteer youth workers who coordinated Brownies, St. John’s Ambulance cadets, the Liskerret youth club and a multitude of other organisations who helped children to make their lanterns.

 I was really impressed with the way that some of the lanterns are articulated to move and people manipulate them like puppeteers.

 The procession wove its way through the little streets preceded by the local brass band and followed by the Samba band. Traditional Christmas carols drifted away as the cheers of local people lifted to the sounds of samba.

 The streets were closed and the town was thick with participants and spectators; it was a wonderful evening’s entertainment.

 The procession ended on the parade, the count down began and the lights of the town were switched on as fireworks light up the night sky. It was just delightful

There was a real buzz of excitement tonight. I love a night on the town. A huge thank you to the local Rotary Club for organising, for the incredible efforts of all the people who made the lanterns, put on the firework display, played in the Brass band or Samba band, who directed traffic, kept their shops open late, rang bells, stood in the cold to cheer for making my night just so lovely! Thanks Liskeard xxxxx


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