I think it’s warmer today!

 Most people in the country are feeling like the poor penguin……………..very chilly!

Last winter, we can all remember the entire country being smothered in snow. This early snow fall has so far by passed Cornwall. Those may be my ‘famous last words’! We are much luckier than some people in the country who are completely snow bound. 

We have a much warmer climate here in Cornwall, most of us grow palm trees, my garden has a few young small ones and bamboo and until the very hard frost still had fuchsias in bloom! I’m counting my blessings today as we have reached the balmy temperature of freezing, instead of being sub-zero. Long may this heat wave last!


5 thoughts on “I think it’s warmer today!

  1. a cool 21 today with quite a strong breeze..looked on the map to see where cornwall is….my ancestors came from down south way at newton abbot and plymouth…in 1876 lol


  2. Growing up in Minnesota we regularly lived for months in subzero temps so when I start complaining about the cold here my friends all say 'but you;re from Minnesota!' and I reply, 'why do you think Im here and not thee?!' If we keep having winters like this one and last year's, my love of the mild English winter will disappear…!


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