No such thing as the wrong weather!

-5C outside (23F) and 15C (59F) inside! 18C (64.5F) in my heated lounge

There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong clothes. Before anyone mentions it; I haven’t put on five kilos, just five jumpers. Tonight, I am wearing. Leggings, trousers over the top, long back covering vest, long sleeved tee-shirt, roll neck jumper, jumper, cardigan, wooly light weight scarf and cotton scarf over the top. I was watching the news when Dearly Beloved snapped me with the dogs. They love a blanket snuggle too. I have lots of Whitney blankets, all of which were £1 each, either from the local car boot sale or Salvation Army shop. I have one round me now as I type in my office and one drapes over the office chair to keep my back warm.

Don’t worry about me! I’m as warm as toast!


9 thoughts on “No such thing as the wrong weather!

  1. I know what you mean: this morning, spending time outdoors dealing with the chickens for an hour, I was similarly clad – vest, T-shirt, long sleeve T-shirt, fleece jumper, fleece jacket, top coat, tights, leggings, tracksuit bottoms, two pairs of socks, two scarves and a woolly hat!!!


  2. Please don't hate me but if I had real money worries the first thing I would get rid of is the dogs.Yes I am not an animal lover and maybe I just don't understand.Maybe they do have a place keeping you warm !


  3. Hi Frugal Queen, I stumbled on your blog this morning while checking that Mennonite Girls can cook blog. I've checked some older post too and I'm very impressed on how well you are managing and it looks like you are also quite a great cook. Congratulations on taking control on your spending. I'm very lucky that I'm debt free except for the occasional transactions that I do online. Everything that I buy now is from second hand stores and recycle and compost as well.

    I think that you are a well rounded person with a great attitude and your future looks bright. The best of luck in 2011. JB


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