Making everything go a long way.

 Sometimes, electric gadgets just sit in our cupboards and take up room. I have never regretted buying my Kenwood slicer. When I make homemade bread, I slice it all and pop it into old shop bought bread bags and take a slice out, just when I need it. We do the same with home cooked gammon. I’m busy earning some extra money by marking, so Dearly Beloved is in charge of the kitchen today.

 It’s not his natural habitat, but he actually does a really good job. He’s just as frugal as me, in fact, he’s a natural scrimper. He boiled the bacon joint today and then added the veggies and potatoes to the steamer, forty minutes into the cooking time. Everything was cooked on one gas ring and turned out just fine. The only hiccup was the cheese sauce, which I cooked in a plastic jug in the microwave and I managed to make it lumpy. It tasted fine. We now have three more meals from our gammon joint as it was so carefully carved. I’m quite looking forward to gammon, egg and chips!


11 thoughts on “Making everything go a long way.

  1. i need a meat slicer as we are meat fiends in my house, I am waiting for a goor offer, which make is yours as i have seen the argos cook works one, but not sure if any good


  2. I love your plate lunch. I was just re-reading Janet Luhrs “Simple Living Guide” last night. She talked about eating vegetables simply, without gumming everything up with sauces and such. Those Brussel sprouts and carrots look so good! ~Liz


  3. I have had a slicer for many years, the first one I got through freecycle, when it went down the pan I bought a new one, use it to slice meat and bread just the same, helps to make thins go so much further.


  4. Hi Frugal Queen! I am an avid reader of your blog. I have a question. Do you have any advice for someone who is trying her hardest to be frugal but is married to somebody whose interest in thriftiness is semi-detached. To say the least.


  5. Similarly, I love cheese slicers – they slice cheese a lot more thinly and evenly than I can manage with a knife.

    By the way, does anyone else find it a lot easier to hand slice homemade bread compared to the super fluffy stuff from supermarkets? The shop bought stuff just seems to compress when I try to cut it whereas our stuff keeps its shape a lot better.


  6. Hi Kerry, I take it you are refering to your partner. If you have no debts, if you have three months salary saved up, if you pension fund is at the max, if you have all the money you can puts in ISAs, then you don't have to be frugal. If you owe any money, even on a mortgage, then there is no argument.


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