Indian Takeaway!

 Many, many years ago, I lived in Bath. On Broad Street where I ran a pub called “The Saracen’s Head”. It was on the same street as Crudginton’s and Rossiters and the most wonderful Indian Restaurant. The gun smiths would drink in the pub, the shop girls from Rossiters would come in after work and the staff of the Indian restaurnant used to ply my ‘fruit machines’ with hundreds of pounds and drink me out of fruit juice.

 My eldest was just a tiny lad then and we would sometimes eat with him in the Indian Restaurant and I loved King prawn dhansak and naan bread. We would sometimes wait in the kitchen, for a takeaway, with the staff who frequented our pub and have a cup of tea. The tandoor oven would glow and they would have wetted oven gloves, almost to their arm pits to get the skewered meats in and out and the bread itself was slapped on the side of the oven and then peeled off a few minutes later. It was a magical place. It was the first place I experienced Eid. The restaurant staff who would work all day with nothing to eat or drink during Ramadam and as part of their three day celebration at the end, gave free food for all the neighbours (Us!!!!) at Eid at the end of it! I was in my early twenties, a young mum in a strange town and I will never forget the incredible hospitality of my neighbours who invited every person who lived on that street to come and eat with them.

I haven’t been to an Indian restaurant since I left Bath; it wouldn’t be the same. Eid would have been celebrated this year on the 16th November……….if they are still there in their restaurant in Bath; their supper on the three days after that would have much posher than mine. Nonetheless, we had a fab supper tonight.

Quorn is a favourite here and is on offer in Pesky Tesky at a £1 a bag for 6 fillets. I cooked them all in a tin of Tesco value curry sauce 9p. We had tesco value rice with veg.28p – we had some mixed frozen veg  (7p)cooked with the rice. We ate this with a peeled and cored cucumber and a finely sliced onion with some homemade salad dressing. Sorry about the lack of photos, but we greedily ate the lot!

The curry sauce is extremely mild, more of a lightly spiced gravy! But my simple supper with leftovers for lunch tomorrow cost 65p per portion, so a very cheap Indian Takeaway.


4 thoughts on “Indian Takeaway!

  1. Bath was a favourite haunt when we spent lots of time near Trowbridge with family. I have happy memories of Bath although I was learning to drive at the time and didn't appreciate the hills 🙂


  2. Love your blog, and always so interesting and useful.
    I'm no expert, but there is actually more than one Eid. News to me til I was in Egypt. The Eid on 16 November was Eid Ul Adha. This starts after the Haj
    The feast at the end of Ramadan, this year was a different Eid, Eid-al-Fitr and it was on 10 September 2010


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