When it goes wrong, make it into something else!

34p – you can’t make your own for that price

 My spinach and ricotta cannelloni recipe went wrong, as when I defrosted the spinach, I discovered it was in leaves and I couldn’t even cram it down the cannelloni…………..over to plan B! Mix the defrosted spinach with the ricotta, add some chopped parsley and a liberal sprinkling of nutmeg.

A large bag of spinach was just over £1 and it lasts for several meal in many guises.

 Pour the tomato sauce into the bottom of a dish, layer with spinach and ricotta and lasagne sheets, top with tomato sauce and sprinkle with some cheese.

 You could make a cheese sauce for the topping, but as it has cheese in it, I thought that would be too rich.

We ate this with some salad and homemade dressing. Not bad for a mistake and as my first meal in 48 hours! It was really needed. The lasagne will serve four hungry people or six normal appetites! I was so hungry that I ate a quarter of it!


10 thoughts on “When it goes wrong, make it into something else!

  1. So pleased I found this blog. I've never been sure whether to try the really basic sauces or not. I'll be having a radical change of budget for he new year (a challenge) and this is the kind of thing I'm going to have to embrace.

    Going to have a good nosey at your blog (if you don't mind hehe) as I have a fair bit to learn. The old phrase 'keen but clueless' springs to mind.


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