Cluster Bomb migraines

Every heard of those? I don’t get migraines for years on end then I get a whole series of them. Today, after being ill for over 24 hours, I feel as if I have woken from a coma. I still can’t stand up for very long and I still can’t keep anything down. I’ve taken as much medication as I’m allowed and I’m still not able to open the curtains and let any light in! The worst part is, I can feel another one coming and not even out of the last one yet!

I sometimes wonder what my animals do when they are home without me all day. I’ve managed to photograph the evidence. It’s a good job they do sleep. If they wake up and start barking, it makes me sit up suddenly, stagger around and have to go to the loo to vomit. I’m now exhausted from writing this and I’m going back to bed. Maybe another 24 hours asleep might cure this one!


23 thoughts on “Cluster Bomb migraines

  1. My partner is a sufferer. Do you think it's something you've eaten that you are sensitive to?

    My partner tries to cut back on; broccoli, mushrooms, tomato and other stuff… But I love all of this and put it in my cooking.
    He was told these are usual triggers for sufferers by docs.

    Now get off your computer!!! And rest in a cool, quiet, dark room. 🙂


  2. You are in my prayers. My husband has migraines. He found out his were caused by getting dehydrated so if he feels one coming on he has some gatorade and that stops it. It even stopped it after he started getting blindspots and nothing could ever stop it once his migraine got to that point. I hope you can rest well and these horrid things leave you soon. They have so many triggers it is difficult to find the one that starts yours.


  3. Oh you poor love. I too suffer with migraines, thankfully not the cluster bomb type. It's hard enough getting over one – I do hope you feel better soon. Big hugs. Sue x x x


  4. Deep sympathies from a fellow sufferer. My daughter has just phoned to say her boyfriend has had three major migraines in a week [his first ever] and she is concerned by how ill he is.
    Migraines are terrifying to watch as well as experience.
    get well soon xx


  5. I suffered as a teen but thankfully and touch wood they stopped as suddenly as they started. My first sign was disturbed vision and they were always awful! My partner suffers from them too so I fully sympathize. You just want to be put to sleep until they're gone don't you? Take care!


  6. oh boy i do know how you are feeling. i usually end up sitting under a shower for ages then throw up, that usually makes it improve, i so wish they would make a pill that worked. i dont know what my trigger is. hope you are feeling better soon


  7. You poor thing! I used to work for a chiropractor and many of the patients who suffered from these cluster portion of their working day hunched over a desk. Apparently the stooping posture can cause wear and tear in the cervical vertebrae which leads to these terrible headaches.
    I noticed a photo of you at your desk, have a look and see if your chair is the right height and you're not sitting at an unatural angle and don't forget to take regular breaks every twenty minutes to ease the pressure.
    Hope you start to feel better soon. xxx
    PS Your pets are adorable.


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