Saturday night takeaway.

 In the past, Friday night was always a take away night. (Many years in the past I hasten to add!) We would get a pizza, fish and chips or a ‘chinese’. Even Fish and Chips for two is £10 and that now has become a very rare treat. We eat seasonal food as it’s usually cheaper, so we don’t usually eat salad at this time of year. We decided to shop late today, to see if we could pick up any bargains. I did and, just for Pixie, most of the recipes will be veggie this week. As you can see from the pictures, we bought some cheap salad tonight!

 I never buy shop made dressings any more and usually use Jamie Oliver’s 3-2-1 recipe of three tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of wine vinegar and one teaspoon of mustard and one sprinkle of salt. Pop into an old jam jar, do up the lid and give it a good shake.

 You can see how I portion out the quiche, and freeze it so it’s ready for DB just to take to work. We had a slice between us with our supper tonight. A real Saturday night take away; just the type of treat we need today to get some fresh veggies and vitamins inside us. The best part is that there is plenty for tomorrow night.


4 thoughts on “Saturday night takeaway.

  1. I left you a reply on my blog Jane. Thanks for your comments. You have a great attitude, I wish, especially in the season of gluttony, that everyone saw the fruitilty in buying more and more stuff as you so clearly do.

    I don't write on your blog much as well, food doesn't interest me. As long as it's homemade, wholesome, healthy and not junk, I'll eat it.
    Helen has enough cook books to make meals for the next two thousands years


  2. I am with you! I go to the store and the prices have jumped so much. Luckily we have a big backyard and one corner next spring will be our vegetable garden. I so admire the way you cook and freeze the extra. Right now we are buying our Thanksgiving turkeys for 29 cents a pound. What a deal. I got two. As we are going to my sister's for Thanksgiving we will be eating one for Christmas and one for “just because”. But these prices are only good before Thanksgiving. Afterward they will go up another $1 a pound, at least.


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