That’ll stew!

 It’s turned very cold, I’ve worked very late and I was glad to come home to a meal, I made earlier, defrosted and cooked tonight. Chicken casserole became chicken stew. I added the large Tupperware box of chicken casserole to the pan, tipped in a defrosted margarine tub of veggie soup and heated through for 40 minutes on a low heat so not to burn it. I then made dumplings from 8oz SR flour, 4oz suet, a sprinkle of salt and 10 tbs of water. I mixed it to a dough, made six dumpling and added them to the stew.

 Put the lid on and cook for another 20 minutes, by which time, the dumplings are double the size and fluffy.

 Serve on a tray, in front of the telly, with your feet up and in the warm. The weather warning is ‘extreme’ again here in the far south west so I’m glad I’m stuffed with hearty goodness. I’m off to snuggle up under a blanket with mindless goggle box and my knitting.


12 thoughts on “That’ll stew!

  1. Stoooooo!

    I would like to request some vegetarian recipes please. Coz your food always makes me hungry, and I want some inspiration.

    I'm writing really to say hello, as we haven't spoken for a while, and also to wish you a lovely weekend.

    Lots of love from PiXiE xxx


  2. Dumplings are popular in this house – but whereas I like them soft and fluffy [cooked lid ON] my beloved prefers crispy topped [cooked lid OFF]
    I notice you are also a fluffy woman!!
    Blessings – and hope the weather your way improves soon x


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