Preparing for ‘Buy Nothing Day’

I’m busy knitting scarves for family members. I’ve wrapped soap. I used Foster Mummy’s idea and made some hanging gift boxes – for the tutorial click HERE . I’ve wrapped some books which I have bought in charity shops, a huge pile for mum (don’t tell her!) as she loves to read. I’ve made Dad a gardener’s apron from old jeans, rear pockets at the front to hold bits and bobs. I’ve collected boxes from the back of Aldi and I’ve covered them in wrapping paper to make my ‘hampers’ and it’s all systems go.

I’m preparing for Christmas like never before and I haven’t been in a shop yet! Buy nothing day is on the 27th November. Why not go to a jumble sale or a school fund raiser and do your gift shopping there. Have a book swap day or a ‘swish’ where you get together with friends and swap clothes. You could even do this with children’s clothes or even toys.

What ever Christmas means to you; it does not need to cost any money. I am really hoping the current economic hard times will steer people away from commercialism for ever, that people will shop less and make do and mend, will swap and borrow what they need and share what they have. Enjoy a homemade Christmas this year.


12 thoughts on “Preparing for ‘Buy Nothing Day’

  1. Love your ideas. Thanks for the comment on my menu plan. It does sound like I've gone a bit mad on the eating out doesn't it? but in my defense I didn't make it clear that Saturday's “out” isn't a second restaurant meal. We'll be taking dear granddaughter to a museum (free) in Newcastle and there is a fab Chinese bakery around the corner which sells fantastic sweet and savoury Chinese buns really cheply so we'll be calling in there and taking them with us to eat in the museum (they have a sort of indoor “picnic” area. xxx


  2. I've was saying the same thing on my blog yesterday. I'm getting very good at not spending and it isn't hard as I have no transport during the week and live in a small village with a small village shop and a post office only. However, I got my hands on the car today and went to the nearest city – woohoo!! I had on my shopping list, pants and pyjamas for Twiglet and washing up liquid. I looked round the shops got loads of ideas for things I could make myself for a fraction of the cost and came home with pants, pyjamas and washing up liquid – yay !!
    Twiggy x


  3. I will join you on the 27th November – ( will steal your pic too he he )

    not all but quite alot of my gits this year are from charity shops, ebay ( second hand) or home made – makign chocolate marzipan sweets next week – yummo


  4. Hmmm, I have a slight problem with that date, it's my birthday and I had planned to have a delish cup of coffee and a choc brownie in Deli 17 on the High Street in Desford my nearest village with shops!
    I suppose I could go in the day before and pay for it, reserving the choc brownie???LOL!

    Sandie XX


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