Heating On?

 I have central heating and I will use it when I need it, but that’s not yet. I have a thermometer in my house and it’s a chilly 14 degrees, which is 10 degrees warmer than outside and it’s noticeably warm when I get in from work. Whilst I cook dinner and see to the dogs, I still don’t need the heating on. However, when sitting down, it does seem chilly.

Once upon an unfrugal time, I used to set the heating to come on twice a day…..oh I remember the days when we could all afford gas! Not any more. I’ve managed to frugal my gas and electricity bill down to a combined £76 a month and that’s still too high! To make sure we don’t freeze, we use heaters in the room we are in. I have a small radiator in my tiny office and it will warm the room if set to the lowest setting and left on for an hour. I keep the curtains shut and the door closed and it stays perfectly warm.

Our living room has huge patio doors and the sun heats the room in the day and we leave the door shut all day to keep the room warm. As soon as I get home, I close the curtains and keep the warmth in. We have a halogen heater which blasts the room with heat and heats the room in 15 minutes and then we turn it off for an hour, and so the night goes on. It was a bargain to buy too and cost £8.99 from Argos. So to answer, no the heating is not on yet. How long dear reader will you hold off?


19 thoughts on “Heating On?

  1. rather difficult cos if I didn't light the rayburn then we would have no hot water. (yep immersion gone again and I really can't be arsed to call out the HA yet again!) Then again I do cook on it.
    We have lit the sitting room fire but it's a little different for us as Mike feels the cold with his M.E. and there are only so many items of clothing we can put on before we find ourselves unable to do any work.
    Mind you, this house would be warmer if they actually replaced the double glazing with stuff that fitted, hung new doors that actually fitted, took away the crappy night storage heaters that don't work and replaced them with the air source heat pumps like they promised 2 yrs ago…(about the same time they promised the didsability adaptations which we are still waiting for!)


  2. Hi G….HA? Housing association? I grew up in a 'council house' and hated the feeling of them controlling how I lived, i.e the doors, the windows and I'm sorry you have to live the way you do. I remember the fear and elation I felt buying my own home and count my blessings that I can, even if I have to keep it cool to afford it. Some housing associations are better.


  3. I bought a council property we are slowing adapting it to our own taste. We will buy a house in the future. Both OH and I grew up in them no issue with them just want something different. In relation to the heating it goes on if we are cold and off if we are not. I had no heating as a child save gas/coal fire and I was cold. I like to be warm. That said its not on now. It doesnt go on as much as others as we dont feel the cold as much as others and we live in a flat and the other flats keep us warm lol


  4. Mine only goes off for a few weeks in the summer and is on for the rest of the time. I try and keep an even temp around the house as both my son and I are asthmatic and don't handle drops in temp too well. Also I struggle with the cold as I have a thyroid condition and basically feel cold all the time 😦


  5. Hi LWM – my office is 5 feet by eight feet, everything is near everything! I'll move it, but not far though, English rooms are small and I live in a big house by English standards – thanks for the warning x


  6. Yes its getting chilly here in deepest, darkest Wales – my teeny tiny cottage has no central heating, no double glazing – we live just as people did when they first built the cottage. So it just one woodburner to heat the whole place. We leave the bedroom open to warm it up before bedtime (its off the sitting room) and otherwise wrap up warm, have lap blankets on all the chairs and warm curtains.
    We scavange for scrap wood although I find I do have to buy some in, its a healthy lifestyle, I dont think I could live with central heating now – it seems to give me a bad chest whenever I go visiting in heated houses.

    Keep up the good work!

    Vicky x


  7. I put our heating for an hour before hubby comes in from work when he's on lates and an hour in the morning just to take the chill off, otherwise we put jumpers on and I've got a few quilts/blankets as well!

    Josie x


  8. We have the heating on for a couple of hours in the morning and for 4 hours in the evening, it went on at the beginning of November. Must keep Twiglet toasty as it's the time of year when all Reception and Year 1 are constantly poorly 😦 I buzz around all day, so don't need the heating on. It gets flippin cold here, we live high up in the Pennines and it can be frrrreezing.
    Twiggy x


  9. Down here in Oz -we have the opposite; trying to do without the airconditioning as long as possible. Very hot week – should be 37 by Saturday and it's still only Spring! All around we can hear neighbours A/cons going but we keep blinds etc closed during the day and open up when it cools down; house is very well insulated and we have a white roof which helps reflect heat.
    Electricity charges are starting to rocket but being the frugal/tight beings we are, we average about $A55 per month and gas is $A15 per month.
    Cheers from Perth, Western Australia.
    Sue H


  10. No C/heating in my house either. I only put the gas fire on when I am really cold. I wrap up and keep moving as much as poss during day. In the evening I have a hot water bottle, a fleece blanket wrapped around me and a wooly hat. The hat makes a big difference. I think I would get a grant to put heating in as I am over 60 but I could not afford to run it so wonder if its worth all the upheaval. What do you think? Also if I did apply for a grant should I get gas C/heating or electric storage heaters? Your observations would be appreciated.


  11. Sue – I can't imagine persistent high heats, we go into a state of national emergency on the rare occasions that the heat reaches 40 degrees! It's truely temperate here, never that cold and never that hot. Never the need for air con!

    Eileen, I wonder if Help the Aged have energy advisors? If I were entitled to a grant for heating, then I would get it as gas fires are not effecient. some of the electricity tarrifs are really low now and you are at home all day, so I would go for the modern night storage heaters on a duel time tarrif as the night prices are cheaper than the day prices. Gas doesn't have a tarrif that depends on time, it's the same price 24/7. Also if you paid a direct debit of a small amount all year, you would effectively save up for the winter heating. Keep warm though. I save money by using the heating of hundreds of children emitting energy all day and making my classroom really hot!


  12. We haven't had the CH on yet either and the thermometer said 8'C in our living room last evening. We weren't actually sitting down except when eating so it did not matter too much. However there is some rebellion in the ranks and I think I won't be able to keep the CH off much longer. I've been really pleased to read this post and the comments as I am told that I am the only person in the entire universe who won't put the heating on…


  13. We use wood as a alternate heat, to help minimize the skyrocketing electric bills.My Mom bought one of those highly advertised infared heaters. She lives in a 2 car garage/converted apartment.It is insulated really good.We are watching her close to see if they live up to their ads.Pop is considering one for his pouting room and possibly the basement. He is getting up there in years, and won't be able to cut wood for the stoves for many more years.


  14. I'm like SueH, feeling the heat. We are getting 25 to 34 degrees at the moment. We have very humid days/nights. If I put the aircond on to get to sleep I try and keep the aircond on a higher setting as to keep the costs down.
    Tonight is bearable. I just have a fan on. It rained most of the day and our home nearly flooded. I was at work – calling my partner, neighbour, mum and local council to keep any damage to the minimum. Luckily the rain stop and the water subsided. The 4 green tree frogs outside our window are singing a racket outside – wet and hot they love it!


  15. Since last week, I have the heating on low for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening from 5-6pm. The rest of the time we wear warm dressing gowns, and when sitting down we've got some warm fluffy blankets to wrap up in. So far, so good 🙂


  16. Could you get an extra few rugs to lay down? Constant supply of Tea would help and a morning run if you can hack it… We have it on briefly n the morning to take the chill off like Josie and then in the eve but sometimes in during the day. Sometimes hubby gets home and it's way too hot and I haven't even noticed. So bad. Need to be more careful.

    A few more tips n how to stay warm this winter:



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