Saving time by not wasting it!

 Here I am doing three thing at once. Watching the news; it’s about all I watch on a week day. Sitting next to the timer as dinner is cooking and I’m waiting for it to ding a ling so I can go and serve it up and knitting a scarf as a Christmas present. The fluffy heap snuggled in next to me is Bobby Dazzler, so I suppose, I’m doing four things at once, one being snuggling my very small dog.

I don’t have a lot of spare time so when I get 15 minutes sit down time, I always knit at the same time. I go to bed quite early and sometimes listen to a programme on Radio 4. Tonight, I will be in bed by 8.30 as there is a radio documentary by Chris Bowlby which examines the concept of the ‘deserving poor’. I’ll knit whilst I listen and expand my vocabulary to Radio 4 standard.

I usually do two or more things at once. I travel to work by train with my laptop open, preparing power points for my lessons, or analysing progress spreadsheets in readiness for my Faculty Review. Time is a precious resource and I’m not going to waste it.


15 thoughts on “Saving time by not wasting it!

  1. I agree…time should never be wasted, but sometimes I wonder…define 'wasted'. Is my half hour in bed with a cup of tea and a devotional reading wasted, I wonder? I could be up doing housework!


  2. I like to multi-task too… I'm not very good at concentrating on the TV, so I'll only half watch it while sewing or something. I much prefer to pop the radio on and listen to something and do my crafting at the same time, much more productive I find.


  3. I wanted to ask you this very question today!!! As a full time worker myself and for education I was wondering what do you do in your lunch break when not doing yard duty? Do you spend the time socialising, writing your blogs, preparing school activities or other?
    I find I am always multitasking and sometimes out of breath by it all.
    I would like to fit so much more in but would need to cut back on sleep which is already down to 6 hours most nights.


  4. I think the concept of not wasting time is something I realised the older I got and noticed there is less time ahead of me than behind! 😀
    When younger, I thought I had all the time in the world. Sigh. Wish I could have that mindset back again!


  5. I always have some knitting beside the sofa too, ready in case I sit down for 10 mins. At the moment, I'm knitting baby garments as I seem to know lots of young folk who are expecting babies. I enjoy knitting something for them and it is a frugal present as I can get 4 garments from a big £2.75 ball of yarn from Aldi. The buttons are the most expensive part of the present.


  6. I sat down with a cup of tea and a quick scroll through blogger. Ah! Frugal Queen, always worth a look. Might learn a thing or two on – how to save time. Interesting post, let's take a look at the comments. Hmmm. Click on Ina, fascinating, have a quick peak at her blog Highland Life. A-must-read every-post-for-the-last-month OMG moment. Comments too. Click on Sue G (houseboats and allotments) read comments click on Gee Wizz I Dunno (Norfolk) waxwings, read comments. Click on Susan (north Australia) buying typewriter link to Thrifted Treasures (Sydney, Australia) selling (the same) typewriter …….back to Frugal Queen…..write comment.

    My tea's cold. Sigh.

    note to self (blogging!!!!)

    over and out;)
    pamela x


  7. Hi there Frugal down under, I usually run detentions in my lunchtime, sit and mark, answer school emails, I do all this and eat at the same time, I go for a walk round the school, meet with students, we don't really get a break


  8. Hi i never have enough hours in my day as it is..i could do with a few more..i go to bed at 10ish up at 5 with littlie..then its all systems go..have about an hour of down time when iris is knitting,sewing,allotment,chickens,kiddies,school run,baking always on the to be busy than sat on my bum..i hated it being in hospital and they wouldn't let me out of bed for 6 drove me mad..think they couldn't wait to get rid of me haha..


  9. go on e bay, you can buy huge bags of buttons for a few quid, I usually buy white,cream,mother of pearl,pink and pale blue bags each containing 50/60 buttons, they last for ever


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