Saving energy with bulk cooking.

Mushroom, onion, chopped bacon pieces, tomatoes and some cheese.

 By one o’clcok today we had cleaned the entire house, all the washing is done, on the line and drying outside and I had cooked: 2 quiches, 2 portions of chicken casserole, 2 sticky tea soaked fruit cake, 5 portions of soup for my lunch all week and 3 fish pies. They are all cooling ready for freezing.

All my cooking is a bit wonky, tasty but wonky.

 We had half a little quiche for lunch today and the big one will be divided into 5, wrapped in foil, frozen, ready for Dearly Beloved to take a piece out of the freezer and stick in his ruck sack to take to work every day.

I never see the point of making one fiddly little pie but might as well fill the oven up and save the energy costs.

 I used up half a bag of smoked fish and the other four pieces of salmon Ihad in the fridge, made some cheese sauce, mashed some potatoes and with a bit of topping of grated cheese and a few almost gone soft tomatoes have three ‘ready meals’ in the freezer for the nights I get home late or just don’t want to cook.

We’ll never eat this lot in one go, so I pour it into freezer pots and freeze it until we want it.

 The chicken casserole is simply four chicken breasts cut up, the end of the celery chopped into pieces, a few mushrooms, four large carrots all stirred together with a sachet of Tesco Chicken casserole mix with the required amount of water.
 I made double the amount and will freeze it into two portions, again ready to reheat in the microwave on the late nights when I get home from work. After 12 hours out of the door each day, some days I just want to come home, eat, have a wash and get into bed!

3 fish pies, 2 quiches, 2 chicken casseroles, two sticky fruit cakes, 5 portions of lentil and veggie soup

 Here is everything cooling down in readiness to be wrapped an put in the freezer. The second of my cake has fallen a bit in the middle but I will just tell DB to shut his eyes when he eats it! One cake will go in the tin for Dearly Beloved to take a piece to work every day and one will be wrapped and put in the freezer for next week.

 I’ll leave the veggie and lentil soup to cook all day and blitz it with the hand blender later before decanting it into five individual portions to take to work. A little bit of work today makes my working week so much easier to cope with.


15 thoughts on “Saving energy with bulk cooking.

  1. Looks great! I just found your blog a few days ago and am loving reading back through your posts. Very inspiring. Only thing is, I have to keep flipping to a currency converter to get an idea of what things cost(I am in Canada). Clearly, Canada is way a way cheaper place to live. I will stop complaining about the cost of things!!:) At least I will TRY to.


  2. All that AND two blogposts in a day – I am very impressed.

    My cold is lousy and I am not working at full speed – so this afternoon I sat and watched TV and polished 4 pairs of shoes. Mindless, easy and satisfying.[mainly to ensure Dearly Beloved has a shiny black pair to wear at the War Memorial tomorrow]

    Your bulk cooking looks good. What's your cake recipe?

    blessings x


  3. I so agree that bulk cooking is best. With only two of us, retired, I dont need to do quite as much, but it pleases me to get lots in the freezer.
    I bought a 2 kilo bag of 'legumes de potage', carrots, celery, leeks, onions, turnips…. and made boxes of lovely vegetable soup, all for 2 euros!


  4. Hi Hevanne, I wish I had a freezer as full as yours, we just have a fridge freezer with three drawers and it's empty by the end of the week and then I cook and fill it again. The only frozen food I buy, is peas. The rest is homemade, to eat later. Theresa, it's good to know that someone, somewhere is having an affordable life. Water is really expensive here, so is energy and diesel is £1.25 a litre. I have a very long, late week ahead of me and I need to get ahead. I can also feel my lungs filling up with a cold, if this goes to my chest as it often does, then I'm in for a rough week


  5. Weekly menu planning and shop for me today. My man has gone fishing, so that means I'll have Dolly in tow. She chatters no-stop when we shop. Makes it a little more difficult for price comparrisons.

    I used to do a little batch cooking before she came along. I think I'll do a couple of dishes today. Thanks for the push 🙂


  6. Well, I would say life in Canada is more affordable than the UK but still crazy expensive. Compared to the US, Canada seems expensive. I know a few expats who go back to the UK every year and they always complain of how expensive it is. Just today I griped about gas(petrol)being high at $1.07CDN a litre. I need to remember those of you across the pond and shut up!! 🙂


  7. this post is so inspiring! I am good about cooking one thing after another all day; since the oven is heated up for one thing, might as well. But you are right about it saving money to FILL the oven each time you cook. Gonna have to get more organized and do just that. And here I thought I was doing something just to make two piecrusts at once on the day I want a pie & freeze the extra crust. Next time I'll go ahead and make two pies and freeze the extra pie. Thanks!


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