Naked Cleaning!

 The naked chef taught us a simpler way to cook, well this blog is about a much simpler way to clean. No chemicals, no great expense and no effort. Let’s start with the media and advertising hype about cleaning and germs. Germs are personified as green spikey little monsters who run round you toilet bowl as if they lurk there and will bite you. They won’t! There are few germs in our bathrooms that will harm us. They will stink a bit like a French public urinal after a few weeks, but even my only cleaned once a fortnight bathroom never smells too bad, so there really can’t be too many germs. I get the odd bit of mould where water gets trapped but if I wasn’t such a wanton sloven and wiped the bath/shower with a towel when I used it, then it wouldn’t get mould at all.

 Above is said mould. Not enough to kill me. I don’t live in the damp and mould so the ‘spores’ won’t kill me either. They would take weeks to start smelling so I don’t clean the bathroom more than once a fortnight or if mum is coming round and I can assure you, there’s no pong hence no real ‘germs’ to worry about. All I used to clean the bathroom and kitchen is: bicarbonate of soda, my homemade soap and some vinegar. Any will do, I just happened to have malt. There is the faintest whiff of chip shop for the few minutes that I use it, then it’s gone.

 So I get out of the shower, eh hem…………you get the image! Whilst the bathroom is still warm and steamy, it’s easier to clean, so that’s when I do it!  I sprinkle bicarb over the bath, sink and shower screen, get Radio Cornwall on and have a good scrub round. I then give everything a rinse with the shower and I’m almost done.

 I then take a damp cloth, the remnants of an ancient towel and splash it with vinegar and clean the window, the shower screen and the taps. It get any greasy residue off and makes it shiny, for a while.

 Below is a luxurious assortment of my homemade soap, no rough edges once you’ve used it a couple of times.

 Below is my grated and blitzed homemade soap with cleaning soda, it washes our clothes and all hard surfaces. I fill put as little water in the bucket to clean the floor as I can get away with and give the floor a mop.

 After the floor has been washed, I don’t waste the hot soapy water but use it to give the loo a good scrub out. It’s amazing what a good job just hot soapy water will do. No harsh chemicals needed at all.

After that I went and got dressed! 

17 thoughts on “Naked Cleaning!

  1. it,so frugal and simple..and your bathroom is sparkling clean for free more or less…i try not to use chemicals because of my 2 littlies..but sometimes i have to..hubby filthy from allotment and son disgusting from college course….plus they never flush the 2 loo's we have..even the strongest pot pourri can't deal with that smell…will definately give it a try though..thanks so much..

    have a nice wkend


  2. thank you for the links to the cheaper stuff – much appreciated – I naked clean too – when in the shower I've got a microfibre cloth in there with me – no point in wasting all the lovely warm steamy air is there! I'm glad you did this post – my family laugh at my naked cleaning (I only do it when I've had a shower and ONLY in a locked bathroom) in case child services are listening.


  3. Oooo I say!! Your blog's are getting steamier by the day. There's nothing like a imagination to keep us interested.

    Hmm, I think my mind needs a good cleanse with some of your bicarbonate of soda!

    On a more serious note though, we collect rain water in one of our water butts and use that instead of flushing the toilet. So save lots of money on our water bill that way (we're metered), as well as conserve a precious resource


  4. I started to buy the soda in bulk, but I discovered that in some packages it is actually more expensive than the smaller boxes in the baking section. Be sure to check the unit price first! I save my Parmesan shaker bottles and fill with soda for cleaning in the kitchen and the bathroom.


  5. Your soap looks lovely Froogs, I used the recipie that you used but had the coconut oil already so used that instead of your hard vegetable oil. have been curing mine now for about a week give or take and it's still quite soft. Was yours like that or have I just muffed mine up somehow?



  6. I keep a window cleaner squeegee in the shower rack, and everyone is warmly encouraged to squeegee the walls/door before leaving the shower. It has made a significant difference to the overall appearance AND cut down on my cleaning time.
    Re pongy loos- a candle/ tealight/ joss stick will burn ff the noxious gases.


  7. Ha! I stocked up on the 3 for 2 bicarb at tesco's aswell 😉

    Thankyou for the run-down – as soon as my current cleaning stuff runs out (I bought it when I moved into my house and wanted to give it a really deep clean – not knowing how clean it was left by previous tennents/standing empty) I am shifting to just bicarb/vinegar. I used to use that when I rented and it did the job just fine! 🙂 xx


  8. I love cleaning with bicarb and vinegar, lemon juice is also very effective. A great tip to clean the U-bind in your sinks is to put a couple of table spoons of bicarb down, then poor some vinegar down on top of it. It all fizzes up like a science experiment clearing out the stuck junk in the u-bend… rinse down with boiling water… ta da!


  9. You know I was just thinking this morning of naked cleaning, how bizarre! Except mine involved cleaning the shower in the nude, which is when I clean mine, when I'm in it!! 😉 I cannot be blamed for any scary visons anyone may be having now, but I would say your imagination is to blame! ;-D


  10. I hate cleaning house too! but I'm allergic to mold, so I've settled on something that fools me into cleaning more often without the whining. I only clean one fourth of the shower surround at a time! We have a two-headed shower stall, and it takes so long to clean that I kept putting it off. But deciding to only clean one side at a time makes it seem much more doable. Also keep cleaning stuff under each sink, so I can reach and clean the sink in two shakes without even thinking about it. LOVE your blog!


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