Frugal fish on a Friday

 I rarely buy imported veggies, but I’ve been feeling under the weather recently and needed a boost of healthy food. We had half a pack of beans between us and we’ll eat the other half tomorrow. 15p per portion

 We had a third of the pack of new potatoes – 9p per portion Supposedly to be eaten before the 28th of October but I can vouch for the fact that they were fine.

 The salmon was £3.99 for six pieces so 66p per portion.

 I saved money by cooking it all on one gas ring, I even left the salmon in the little plastic bags so it didn’t dry out. The potatoes are in the water underneath and the veg and fish are on top. I even used the boiling water from the potatoes to pour onto the instant parsley sauce. Nothing is wasted in Frugal Towers xx

 Whilst it was steaming, I helped myself to some homemade sloe gin to stave off the winter cold.

I made a mug full of instant parsley sauce and we had the lot for supper, along with Tesco Value carrots. A frugal fishy feast for around £1 per person, including the sauce and carrots. Eating well and healthily does not cost a fortune.


10 thoughts on “Frugal fish on a Friday

  1. We have been weekending in a trailer for about five years now. When you have such limited stove space and want to conserve propane, you start to think about how many different things you can put in one pot.

    The salmon packet are the best way to do this for sure!

    There are some meals were I manage everything in a pouch — it's so 70's…


  2. The council delivered a small bin this week to keep in the kitchen for 'food waste and leftovers'. Not going to get much use in this house LOL.
    Thanks for all your interesting posts, have a good weekend.


  3. Gosh, that looks really nice, and what a good idea doing it all in one pot and leaving the salmon in the bags as well. That meal is worthy of a top restaurant, well done!


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