Capsule wardrobe week 2 and homemade soup

 Does any one remember ‘The Fast Show’ and Jessie’s diets and Jessie Fashion Tips – they were hilarious. So this blog is a homage to Jessie and his fashion and diet tips. Today I am mostly wearing: Matalan Jacket £14, Matalan Long sleeved T shirt £4 Per Una Trousers eBay and a Windsmoor black scarf from the animal shelter charity shop £1. Now onto the supper. Today I am mostly eating homemade leek and potato soup.

 Take two out of date leeks, three spud and onion and some butterish type of stuff. Chop the leeks, washing the grit out of them, chop the onions and …….

 Saute until soft. Peel and chop a few spuds and add, pour over a litre of UHT skimmed milk, add salt and pepper……….

 Cook for about 20 minutes and then blitz with a hand blender …………….

Serve with any sort of bread. I’m using pitta as that’s what we had in the freezer. It’s so cold and I’m off to sit in bed with the electric blanket on, jim jams and a wooly pully to avoid putting the heating on just yet! Flask of herby tea, Radio 4 and snuggle down and mark year 8’s books before spending the evening reading.


11 thoughts on “Capsule wardrobe week 2 and homemade soup

  1. Yum yum your soup looks lovely…i made loads and froze it for me and littlies whilst i defrost some and reheat for a flask when we go to the allotment…i'm sat here with a huge pink fluffy dressing gown on and the thickest socks i can find…reading all the blogs lol…enjoy your soup and keep warm..


  2. Hey hey! Looking good there Froogs – one sexy momma!!
    And can I please place an order for leek and tato soup when we next visit? with soya milk please?? (I will bring lots of lovely things to share, I promise! xx) Blogging on sofa under stripey crochet blanket with Man Wonderful, mug of tea, large farty dog, and two cats for company! Love FM XX


  3. Hi again Froogs.

    This may be the wrong place to add this comment, as its really responding to one of your previous ones. However, where is a good a place as ever.

    I read your comments and those of some of your followers about women. I wrote the following blog especially for you all.

    You are a beautiful woman and thank goodness you now realise. No wonder your husband can't keep his hands off you. And by the sounds of it so is Pixie.

    Many women come under real pressure to conform to what is a very narrow standard of perceived beauty. The people who perpetrate this nonsense are themselves deluded and neurotic, so please take no notice of them. After all, what can their deluded opinions really do to you? All women are their own boss, as it were, and only YOU have the right to decide what you look like. Sure being overweight can be unhealthy, but most woman are not overweight, a size 16 is NOT, I repeat NOT over weight.

    If I had my way, the fashion industry would be closed down here and now. It is the cause of so much suffering in society, it is owned and staffed by idiots whose one goal is to make as much money for themselves as they can get away with, and woman are its targets are the millions of willing woman who hypnotically follow every utterance.

    Rant over


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