Frugal capsule wardrobe – week 2.

6 a.m – I started showing off my frugal capsule wardrobe last Tuesday and here we are at another Tuesday. Here’s what I am wearing. Skirt – charity shop, pink necklace 30p – car boot sale, jumper £1 off the charity shop sale rail and recently purchased Matalan cardigan which was a massive £18 but goes with almost everything I have.

 The weather is awful today, ‘squally showers’ which feel like a bucket of water thrown directly at you, followed by freezing cold wind. Because of the weather, I’ll take the car this week, which is more expensive than the train so I’ll need to make economies else where. I’ll write about that tonight.


5 thoughts on “Frugal capsule wardrobe – week 2.

  1. I am enjoying this series,I am not in debt myself -apart from LOTS of money owed to banks as I run my own business but I consider myself careful and like the tips you write about Would you mind sending me your address as I want to send you something /


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