Delicious dinners from leftovers

 It’s not all about frugal fashion; we all need to save money in the kitchen too. I had some very tired looking spuds that were a bit wrinkly and sprouty, but I peeled them boiled them and mashed them. I had a limp and sad looking quarter of a cabbage. I cooked them and set them aside. Whilst they were cooking, I chopped a large onion (stored in the shed and grown in our garden) and fried it in a bit of oil. I set that aside too.

 I chopped up, what was left of a packet of corned beef. It’s just too dry to have in sandwiches. Even Dearly Beloved turned his nose up and was about to feed it to the dogs. Not on your Nelly……I made it into supper.

 Mix together the chopped corned beef, the fried onions, the mashed potatoes and the cabbage. I added some salt and pepper too.

 I used a frying ring to form the patties directly into the hot pan and used two spoons to lift the ring off the mash mix.

 Here’s what they looked like when they were cooking.

 I then made some salad dressing, in my trusty jam jar salad dressing mixer. Three parts olive oil, to one part cider vinegar, a good spoon full of Dijon mustard, some salt and pepper. Screw the lid back on and shake.

 I sliced some tomatoes and red onions, poured the salad dressing on top, gave it a good stir and the tomato salad was ready.

 Finished dinner, Corn beef fritters, with tomato salad and our own homemade tomato ketchup.

 We’ve got one each for our lunch tomorrow, we’ll chuck in a bit of salad and that’ll do.

It’s not all fashion shoots here you know! We all need to save a few pounds and using up the left overs so nothing gets thrown away is essential, for our pockets and the planet. Until tomorrow, Froogs xx


11 thoughts on “Delicious dinners from leftovers

  1. Your left overs dinner looks divine, just my kind of thing. It reminded me of our meals this week. Monday I made a huge pan of fridge drawer soup with pearl barley we had that for tea with homemade crusty bread and the same tonight. As there is still some left we will have it again tomorrow with half a tin of corned beef and some gravy granules added, then on Thursday we will have the other half tin of corned beef with onions, potatoes and sprouts. So a good tasty frugal week at our house too 🙂 xx


  2. Hi FM xx you could easily make this without meat, you could add chick peas or beans, and we'd love to come on over and eat, but I'm sure it's our turn. We made a lovely beanie veggie version of cottage pie that I must try on your and MW xx


  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, all the positive comments that bloggers give to one another really do help to make me feel supported. That tea looks lovely, it's the sort of tea I really love both delicious and frugal. xxx


  4. I love making something out of nothing, and it's those meals that my family love best. Unfortunately I very rarely am able to duplicate them again. Ha ha, so they don't ask me to cook that yummy thing I did last week any more because who knows or remembers what was in it.


  5. WOW it's been years since we had corned beef hash…. I forgot how much I love it until I read your post LOL – Looks like that will be making a visit to our dinner table in the near future – thanks


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