Debt repayments days!

 I paid another bill online tonight. I refinanced recently and started paying off one of Dearly Beloved’s high
interest credit cards and to date, I’ve paid off nearly 2K of it. I pay a direct debit each month, then pay the minimum on top of that every time the online bill comes too. Tonight I threw more money at the debt.

 It’s exam time again and I get to earn a few extra pounds. Most people like to do this for Christmas, but I’m doing it to pay off debts. I’ll add the payment to a small loan we have which I can get rid of soon.

 People may think that I should ease up but I’m fighting debt and I’m going to win. By August next year, we will be able to see the end in sight. Making a difference in your life and in my life, has meant a huge battle with myself and life in general. People I know are coming round, they are accepting me more and more. The

very best thing about debt repayment is never getting a credit card bill with any purchases only repayment,which means the numbers only get smaller. Happy Days!


4 thoughts on “Debt repayments days!

  1. happy days indeed. I can say that int he past 12 months i have not charged anythign to my credit card only paid on it, which i am so proud of, and each time they up my limit I call them and get them to redue it to just above what i owe.

    I am more motivated now than ever, especially as i have seen how far i have come this past year – keep working toward your goal – the end will be here before you know it


  2. Hi there, glad to hear your goals are getting nearer.
    I had some success today with the bank, which takes some of the pressure overload off of me to let me breathe! I have a bad habit of holding my breath – the saying 'don't hold your breath' must have been invented for me! LOL!
    Love your necklace btw on your last 'wardrobe' post.


  3. One thing I was lucky enough to do was combine a credit card and overlydaft into a loan.

    This meant each month I had to find an extra £10 to pay but instead of making minimum payments and barely clearing the interest I was getting rid of the debt. That loan is repaid in november next year and marks the first debt down. I have not thrown myself at it as much as you, I have allowed myself to enjoy life as for a few years it was too tight. But now I am thinking start throwing savings at it and get rid sooner, then take that £200 and roll it into the next. In two years I am clear of all debt, including the car finance I took on a few yers back.

    It will be the end of nearly ten years of mixed struggle and debt but then my life is my own.

    I bet you can't wait either!


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