Making a capsule frugal wardrobe work

 A lot of my clothes were brand new, but I didn’t buy them in a shop. I love eBay and the fact that people sensibly sell clothes they’ve never worn. I’m wearing a pair of really smart, Per Una trousers, which I bought for £7 including packing and they still had the tags. The scarf was from H&M, it was an deliciously expensive gift from Dearly Beloved at £5, but I wear it with so many things. It was bought originally to snazz up a dress that I wore to our friends’ wedding a few years ago, so although it was expensive, it gets a lot of wear. The black T shirt was a charity shop find and the cardigan was a recent acquisition from Matalan. It’s a ‘dress down’ Friday outfit. We had a training day today so I could relax a bit.

Sorry about the lighting, but here I am in another Per Una creation, again bought from eBay. This cost me around £25 including packing and postage, but again, was brand new with tags and never worn. It would have cost approx. £100 if I bought it from Marks and Spencer, it’s pure wool and makes me feel very elegant when I wear it. The ‘pashmina’ was bought off a street trader in Plymouth who sold three scarves for £10, again a lovely gift from Dearly Beloved who knows I have as many girly weaknesses as the next woman.

I’m not even half way through my capsule wardrobe and I’ll keep this going until I’ve worn every variation of every outfit. Gok Wan (fashion expert who makes women of any shape look lovely) always says, it’s about having a few key pieces. For me, it’s items that can mix and match and having colourful scarves or a bright jumper which just make an outfit. My most expensive item is my wool coat and most of my other pieces are a mixture of charity shop, eBay and discount fashion stores; it’s about wearing them well and making what you have work for you.

As ever, Froogs xx


11 thoughts on “Making a capsule frugal wardrobe work

  1. You look gorgeous, that pink scarf really suits you. I'd much rather buy a secondhand, top quality coat for £25 than some cheap compromise from Primark that disintegrates after a couple of months. It's savvy spending. xxx
    PS Do you have Gok's Work Your Wardrobe? I've got two copies and I'd happily send you one if you like.


  2. That coat looks really lovely!! I too try to work with a minimilist wardrobe but it's so dam hard when you keep going to charity shops/boot sales and find lovely pieces for a couple of quid!! Gosh when i think of the days i would not bat an eyelid at spending £100+
    in marks and 'spensive!! You should come over to mse where a couple of bloggers chat about clothes and other such matters, relevant or not! The cost of some peoples outfits amaze me, i know i have said it before but if i had have had such wisdom, credit card companies would have not made so much money from me!!

    Sharron x


  3. Yeah yeah yeah, all well and good, but we don't all look as naturally gorgeous as you do! If I looked like you, I'd wear a bloody bin bag everyday and not give two hoots! ;-P


  4. I don't have to dress up at all really, apart from parties, but my capsule wardrobe is working quite well these days, after selling most of my stuff on ebay or swishing it away. In fact many of my current staples came for free via a girlie night in and a swish – where we all brought stuff we don't wear and went home with stuff we thought we might…. I also dye a lot of stuff blue and black…. it makes it all go together, and then I use scarves and shawls and brightly coloured accessories! am enjoying your outfit photos


  5. Girl after my own heart! Can't remember the last time I bought clothes in a shop …. good old Ebay has supplied me with 3 Per Una bras, leggings, jeans, long cardigan, skirt and a pair of Clarks leather flatties this week…. all for just under £100 and brand new with tags.

    Your wardrobe is fab … I just wish I was as co-ordinated … and slim 😉


  6. Great tips. I tried to do a capsule wardrobe last year, in fact I documented the “clear out” process somewhere on my blog. Unfortunately though I seem to be an incurable clutter bunny and always revert to my old ways. Now I just try to limit myself to cheap charity shop / eBay / sale finds and still have that cluttered wardrobe effect that I seem to find comfort in. Well done on your look though, looks fab.


  7. I scored a lovely M&S 3/4 Corduroy coat in a dark purple today from a charity shop for the princely sum of £4. Hardly (if at all) worn and can be dressed up or down – my kind of shopping. We should take a moment to be grateful that there are still folks who overbuy then not wear just so we can get a great bargain :0)


  8. It has nothing to do with what you wear and everything to do with how you wear it.

    Women still suffer hideously under the yoke of oppression when it comes to looks. Some of the most forthright, independant women I have known have serious image problems.

    This seems to be a direct consequence of an industry that spends all it's time indirectly and directly telling you that unless you have x by y then you can't possibly be attractive.

    The truth is the exact opposite. Go out wearing whatever you like but go out thinking you are a goddess and you will look gorgeous.

    It's always worked for m'Lady and it will work for everyone. Gok's strength isn't getting women to wear the right things, its getting them to understand it doesn't matter.


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