Frugally suited and booted

More of Froogs at 6am! It’s a tough one, but never mind the expense, every teacher is expected to own a suit or two. I’m wearing a £22.40  suit from Tesco, with a £2.95 long sleeved T shirt from Primark and a charity shop pink Per Una scarf £1. I’ll often wear the items separately to make the suit last longer or to vary the smart working clothes wardrobe. When I started teaching, all my suits came from Dingles, went on the credit card and just to keep up the appearances. I then ‘down graded’ to Next and thought that was a compromise. Now in Frugal world, Tesco will do. It was more than that but I bought it when all the clothes had a 20% discount. It’s a training day tomorrow, so head to toe charity shop it will be!


9 thoughts on “Frugally suited and booted

  1. One reason I'm glad to be a “nerd” is the daily “uniform” of polo shirts and jeans.

    I have to ask, what is the oldest dress or outfit that you own that you still wear? That would be an interesting post.

    I have a black jersey Liz Claiborn dress that I bought on clearance 22 years ago and I wear it for almost all dress-up events (for me 2 times a year). Because it's a wrap dress, it still fits!


  2. OMG – how on earth do you manage to look so bloody good at silly o'clock in the morning. Me – I would still be in my pj's, with my hair all over the place and half a sleep! lol


  3. Model Froogs.

    I want to point out that I still own and wear a couple of garments I bought when I was about 16/17. So about 16 years old. Gok would be stringing out my wardrobe along the street if disgust if he knew.

    Unfortunately I have piled on the weight since all the medication started so much of my wardrobe has gone into the attic. Sob. But I think I am doing better in the buying clothes department. Always looking for a bargain. :-p


  4. I love it, tesco and asda are my friends when it comes to work, wear, I have some lovely shift dresses from these 2 stores too which i picked up in the sales, and they always look great with a suit jacket for parents evening. You look very professional


  5. My husband bought a Tesco suit for work. We went to Tesco when we were in the south west last summer and there were the plain basic suits on offer at £15. They were selling the pieces separately at £15 for the jacket and £7 for the trousers or both together on offer at £15. So we had a jacket and two pairs of trousers for the princely sum of £22. The jacket can even be washed in the washing machine 🙂 so not even dry cleaning bills.


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