A few of my frugally favourite things

 I do some extreme things to save money. You see, I have a guilt secret. I love baths! But! I live in the area with the most expensive water in the country so baths are a luxury. But, I’ve got a way of having them. All week long, I fill up one sink of water, stand there in the nothing and wash myself from head to toe. Often, I’ll boil a kettle to do this as we don’t ‘switch the water on’ unless I want a bath. So along with new clothes, chocolate or colouring my hair, having a bath is a total treat.

 I have another guilty secret. I have a facial twice a week, but I do it myself. All of the Tesco Vitamin E products are just divine on ‘older’ skin. They all cost in the region of 75p each and last for almost two months. So picture this. A hot bath, exfoliating, cleansing, toning and then moisturising and all within a tiny frugal budget.

 One thing I will not do without is moisturiser. I stock up on Aldi’s Q10 and I always have a pot in the bathroom cupboard in reserve. It is incredible, it works, it ‘reduces the appearance of wrinkles’ and it soothes and moisturises my skin.

 My other minor indulgence is subtle make up. I used to use Yves St Laurent’s ‘touche eclat’, then I down graded to Clinique and then when I woke up and realised the good supermarkets just copy the formula, I found Aldi’s version. Now, I consider £3.59 on make up an indulgence, but it brightens the dark areas under my eyes and makes me feel ‘younger’

 I also think Aldi’s mascara is great. I used to love going to Dingles, trying the make up. I had Lancome, Clinique and Chanel make up at one stage and I don’t remember looking any better for the expensive products. You’re probably thinking that £5.98 is a lot of money for me to spend on fripperies such as make up, but they both last me around two months, so I feel they are worth the expense.

Well, tonight was bath night. I put the boiler on for an hour and had a soak and washed my hair. I’m scrubbed, toned and moisturised. I’m off for a very early night with the paper and Grazia magazine that Dearly Beloved found on the train for me. It’s another one of those days, when I’m really enjoying the treats that I have.


9 thoughts on “A few of my frugally favourite things

  1. Good for you, you deserve a little treat. I must look out for the Tesco stuff and I've used the Aldi cream it's very good. My one weakness is long hot showers, they are my only vice apart from cake that is 🙂 homemade of course!!
    Twiggy x


  2. No pics then FQ ;D we all need pampering once in a while. We have a marshall heater for hot water, so it burns wood, can be a pain the bum sometimes but its free hot water. We collect all our own water too from the roof, we have 2 huge tanks but I rarely have a bath, just quick showers. But then we have a huge extravagance, we have a spa, not up and running yet, but will be soon. It's a little bit of luxury after a hard days slog on the farm.


  3. Hi – Un metered water costs £1300 a year for my house and metered, and by only flushing poo not pee, by using bath water to flush the loo, by rationing water, then our water bill is £600 a year, which is still really high. As you can imagine, we have to ration washing clothes and ourselves, what I didn't mention, was after I have a bath, Dearly Beloved uses the water after me!


  4. Aldi's touch e clat and Q10 are raved about in all the beauty mags, I also use tesco's vitamin e moisturiser too. There are some really good cheap products out there, I also find alot of revlon and namesd products in pound land and the pound shop, always worth a look in there, as there is always lots of named products, for you guessed it £1 ha ha, thats wheremy teen gets her stuff from, she has caught on – so proud of her for spending her money wisely


  5. We don't have a shower. We have to bath anyway (to ease muscle problems. Uusally the boys will use the bath water after DH, the girls will share bathwater (unless Eldest has been horse riding…unpleasant).
    Unfortunately haveing M.E. and/or fibromyalgia and being medically recommended to have hot baths does not entice SWW to lower bills for medical reasons! When I enquired they said we could go to the swimming pool! Cheeky beggers!


  6. Unfortunately we do not have an Aldi near us… and this is the second time today I have heard praise of their products… I couldn't even make those products myself for those prices… but then I do tend to have allergies so perhaps they have stuff in them i couldn't use – I'll say that just to cheer myself up!


  7. I too love a good bath, my favourite products are Boots Coconut & Almond cream bath & Shea Butter Shower Gel, both just over £1 & very moisturising. I haven't tried the products you use but will defiantly look out for them 🙂

    G, I am shocked by you being told to go to the swimming pool!


  8. Did you see my post yesterday? If you take any old mascara to the clinique counter in Boots , you can swap it for a brand new one – for free. Offer on until early next week.


  9. I love a good slough and never have time to sit in the bath for that. The problem is that a good scrub in the shower uses up a lot of water too.

    I've worked my way around that by keeping a dry luffah and a back scrub brush. I scrub while dry, then soap and rinse in the shower!

    I think I'm going to splurge on an epilator for myself for Christmas — so I won't have to spend shower time shaving.

    I am going to have to try the creams from Aldi, thanks to you!!!


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