Frugally capsule wardrobe

Here’s the frugal wardrobe, second addition. Grey skirt (charity shop), yes, the same as yesterday and I won’t wash it for a while. I won’t wear it tomorrow but it will be hung up and put away, along with the red cardigan. The cardigan is £14 from Matalan and the white long sleeved t-shirt is an old favourite that goes with anything. I’m making a ‘Tupperware special’ for lunch as I never buy lunch, and always make my own for 50p instead of buying lunch for £3.50 (£700 a year if I buy lunch, £100 if I make my own……….I’ll make the time to save £600!)

I wore the same black shoes, black thick tights – I even wear those for two days; they just don’t get dirty. I used to wear clothes once and then wash them straight away, not only does it ruin your clothes, it’s an environmental disaster and a waste of money when they are not dirty in the first place. I had lovely compliments at work today about my lovely new red cardigan and I felt really special wearing it.


15 thoughts on “Frugally capsule wardrobe

  1. Love the sleeves on the cardi.

    Who washes a winter skirt after wearing it once? I can understand it if it's visibly soiled (let's talk slush and salt stain, yup, I get winter here) but otherwise I usually dry clean at the end of winter (extravagant I know but I hate the ironing part on heavy weights).

    Pantyhose, I'm afraid I have to do everyday, because there is nothing riper than a nurse's feet at the end of a shift. TMI, I know.


  2. Ok – never mind the clothes – how come you look so alive in the morning? lol!!!!!!!!!

    I've thought about you a lot today (Oh no, now I sound like your very own stalker – frugally stalked of course!!) And thank you, you saved me a fortune today 🙂 Honestly!

    I had to go Christmas shopping (got to, can't make Christmas this year – post stroke my hand not working so have frugalled money away) and my thoughts of “Now what would Frugal Queen do in this dastardly commercial pre Christmas daze meant that I spent less than a tenner and got loads of ideas for more “real dead easy, even with my hand, make me own” and I saved tons.

    I picked up and put back about £20 worth of stuff – that I can make myself with what I have and a bit (well a lot) of lateral thinking.
    So ta very much me darling and have a nice evening 🙂
    PS Love love love that cardy – and carry on clothes posting. Am going to try Aldi cosmetics – about to run out of mascara or “massacre” as a girl at school used to call it!


  3. Joan Rivers believes you can get away with not washing your hose after every wear if all you wash are the crotch and feet.

    She's sometimes annoying, but often right!


  4. I'm proud to say I wear and wear and wear my clothes without washing. Not because I am lazy, but because it is so environmentally damaging. Obviously undergarments are different, but I ensure I have a completely full load before washing. If it smells, it gets washed. As far as I'm aware, nobody has ever thought I smelt bad! In fact I am always complimented on smelling nice whenever anybody gets a cuddle. It could be my quite beautiful natural smell….but it is probably my perfume. :-p


  5. Red cardigan is lovely on you.You look like a very smart teacher indeed. I too wear things untill they are 'dirty' i.e smelly or stained. The quick wiff test at the end of the day has always saw me right. I very often get comments on how 'nice' i smell!!! I love what your doing!!!


  6. Hi there frugallersx It's freezing in school to the point that my shoes get too loose and I've had to put insoles inside my shoes. So no sweaty feet or anything else. so i can wear thick tights for a couple of days.


  7. That cardigan is lovely…red is a great colour.
    I refuse to wash things after just one wear unless they get really stinky…nothing beats a blast of fresh air on the washing line! xx


  8. I do the same as you with not washing something if it is not dirty, and with the kids clothes, I do the smell test and also the visual test if it is ok it goes back in the wardrobe, haha with my teenager invriable the smell test tells me it needs nuclear soaking 🙂


  9. In our house clothes have to be worn for 7 days unless they either smell or are too grubby to be fit to be seen in public. (Apart from undies and Eldest's horse riding gear of course. That's usually unwearable after 2 mins of mucking out.)


  10. I find I have to wash everyday as I live in the tropics. My nighty lasts a few nights if the nights aren't too balmy. I would like to try to cut back. Might be my new challenge to myself 🙂

    While you freeze in the classroom, I've been sweating in the classrooms this week as I've been unpacking new lap tops for all the teachers and repacking the old ones.


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