Frugally stylish.

I asked Dearly Beloved to take my photo at six this morning. I’m always up and ready by then. It’s pitch black outside and I leave for work at 6.30 on the dot every morning. We walk, chatting usually, to the station for me to catch the 6.50 train to work. I get off the other end and walk to my ‘office’ and I’m at my desk by 7.30 prompt. I thought I would show off part of the wardrobe of ‘new’ clothes. The jacket is from Matalan and was half price at £14; the skirt is from the local hospice charity shop. The scarf is eight years old and the jumper I have on underneath, is also a charity shop find. I stick to neutral shades when I wear trousers or skirts. My shoes are always black, so are my tights. Any thing will go with that.

I colour my own hair, I buy my ‘award winning’ skin care and make up from Aldi (£1.99 for Q10 moisturiser, 89p for cleanser, £3.99 for their version or touche eclat, £1.99 for mascara, £1.99 for eyeliner and £1.99 for lipstick.). I have a managerial job and have to look smart, parents can come in and see me at any time and visitors can turn up to the school at a moment’s notice. Looking smart or stylish (I think I’m more smart than stylish) does not cost much. I’m a fan of Gok Wan and love the ‘wardrobe’ he puts together for his ‘client’ at the end of the programme, where all the clothes go together in one way or another, which means everything that person has in their cupboard gets worn and not wasted. I have been asked to show how to put such a small ‘wardrobe’ together and I will endeavour to do this over the next few days. Froogs xx


16 thoughts on “Frugally stylish.

  1. Very smart…i too do my own hair…my daughter is a hairdresser so that helps too…i am trying to look casual but boots,blue/black jeans, nice top/jumper,my peacoat and i'm away…o i always have a colourful brooch or scarf to add a dash of colour…but you do look very smart and elegant too…


  2. I have wanted to try the Aldi line of cosmetics and cream but have so little time that Aldi is not on my rotation of stores to patronize. I'll have to go in during off-hours. Please post more about that!


  3. well done, I get so many compliments on my clothes at work, little do they know i buy them from chairty shops or from glitches and sales online 🙂 you look fab, I also ue Aldi's Q10 and the only expense is my foundtion ( being mixed race it is hard to find one that complients my skin tone) and i have started gettignthat off ebay as it is cheaper – well done you – you look fab


  4. My sis and I are now the same size and she buys a complete new wardrobe every season! She just brought me a massive big bag – so I'm sorted for free. You look lovely by the way.


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