When life give you lemons….

I’ve had lovely comments on my blog recently, with praise about my organisation. Necessity is the mother of invention!  I have obstacles to overcome so I’ve found ways of getting round them. Diesel costs are escalating with diesel costing £1.25 a litre in and around where I can get it, so I use the train for £96 a month, which saves me £15 a week (diesel would cost £40 a week) and therefore £600 a year. That’s one problem solved!

Food prices are sky high! Today I made 400g of beef mince into three cottage pies, one was shared between four of us and two have gone into the freezer for another day. Tomorrow, I will cook the chicken I have and that will make three meals for the pair of us, so that’s our food sorted for the week. I’ve sorted enough food for our lunches and snacks for the rest of the week. That’s another problem solved.

I’ve bought new clothes and I need to earn some extra money to compensate for what I’ve spent. I’ve photographed all of my old clothes ready to list them on eBay which seems like a lot of work for little return but every penny counts, even if I make £30, it’s all positive in our direction. £30 is a week’s commuting costs for me or a week’s groceries so a little work is always worth it.That’s another problem on the way to being solved.

The things I do to save money all seem so natural to me. When commuting, I take my flask on the train so I can have a coffee on the way home. I take a couple of biscuits to eat as a snack. I don’t carry money so I’m never seduced by the coffee trolley. I cook once or twice a week and plan all of my meals. I plan what I will wear so I have outfits ready and they are varied so I always look professional and I never look frugal. Can you see a problem? I can’t; only solutions.

It does take a little effort but it is my normality. I leave home every day at 6.30 am to walk to the station and by the time we walk home from the train every night, it’s 6.30 pm…………….but we have jobs!!!!! I make, mend, scrimp and save because I have to, but I will see the rewards one day. Again, I don’t see problems; just ways of dealing with what I have.

I never forget how lucky I am. I have some disposable income due to having a lodger and I can afford to make little gifts to give people for Christmas. The house is warm enough, we earn enough, we eat enough and all the bills are paid on time every month. I have lived frugally for quite a while now and I’ve never been happier because treats are so special when I get them. I have brand new, one owner only clothes in my wardrobe (primark and matalan) and I have a new coat from Trago Mills (waterproof walking coat for under £15) and I feel, excuse the pun, like a queen.

I don’t feel ‘organised’ and my life is what it is. Anyone can do what I do; anyone can give up spending money and live within their means. I’m different from some people and I’m proud of that; I’ve been called subversive and a maverick and I’m proud of that too. I have a glorious end to my debts in sight and I will get there, in the mean time, I will just continue dealing with what I have, by making lemonade.


8 thoughts on “When life give you lemons….

  1. Hi again….your right organization is the key to great living…my day is structured and i have a routine,breakfast is prepared the night before the table is set,clothes set out for littlies and myself,people might think i'm ocd but my life is much calmer and i'm not running around like a headless chicken looking for coats etc…i did do my wardrobe today and have found some gloves,scarves etc..so no new ones this yr..when i go shopping i always take drinks and a snack in my changing bag for little no 2…and me and hubby…food is very expensive so an allotment is our luxury..its all been frozen,chutneyed and jammed…meal plans are essential…i don't have that much money but my life is simple and most of all frugal at all times…your right though you do have to make the most of what you have not what what you need or want…
    take care


  2. Thanks for your inspirational blog!
    I used to be such an organised, practical person…then I discovered the 'plastic' and loans!
    Now, I'm fairly deeply in debt and find it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. So, I have to become more organised and practical again…I owe, I owe, so it's off to work I go! (fortunately I have one at the moment!

    Sandie xx


  3. Me? I'm never organised, I live in total and utter chaos. Then again I do home educate 3 out of 4 kids, the 4th going to an alternative school for which there is no transport whatsoever and 1 of the other 3 just happens to be aspergers. Oh and I am also self-employed and am a writer etc etc. (impoverished one at that sometimes.)
    Also…you are gonna hate this…JUST HAD TO PAY SOMEONE TO CUT OUR LAWN! It is one hell of a mess and DH can no ,onger do it and I can't manage the mower at the moment and the Housing people insist that front gardens are kept tidy. Yet the blooming social services vulenrable people checked and assured bloke wanted £50 a time from us to do it when the local handyman charges £15! One day someone will realise not all people in a wheelchair are incapable of making their own minds up! DH has M.E. and is not sodding senile!

    besides if my life wasn't chaotic I would be soooo bored…..lol 🙂


  4. Subversive and maverick are horrible statements to throw at someone who is living a life more ordinary.

    Funnily enough I bet the people who say such are painted up in make up or branded with logos that cost the earth but do not improve quality!

    I love reading about how you manage, and I am always impressed by how well you meet the challenges set in front of you with almost no grumblings whatsoever, more should live the same.


  5. Ha! I got to the end of your post and my mouth watered!!!
    I cleared my debts this year (YAY!!!) but still choose to live this way, I can't actually imagine living any other way now!
    Keep on keeping on x


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