I saved a fortune today

 We went to see DB’s mum in Bristol today. Everyone else had the same idea. A38 was nose to bumper, so the was the M5, M4 and M32! We had to stop at those dreadful service stations, you know, the places that want £3.50 for an expresso. Today, I saved a fortune!

 We make left at a reasonable time and made sure we had a good breakfast. We took a snack to eat on the way, a flask of coffee and a packed lunch of a homemade pasty.

We did stop at the services to use the loos. I am amazed at the stupidity of people who use them!Whole families buying burgers, sweets, drinks and being totally ripped off. I cheer when I see the ‘tupperware’ families eating their packed lunches and pouring drinks from their flasks! Good on them!

Let’s work out what we saved! We didn’t buy a Burger King lunch each. Saving! £10. We didn’t have a cost a lot of money coffee each for £3.50, there and back. Total saving? £24!?

It is so easy to let money drip out of our fingers. Take sandwiches, a pack of cheapy biscuits, a flask of tea a bottle of diluted squash for the kids, a bag of supermarket own brand mixed sweets for the kids and you will save your selves so much money.

We had lunch of the homemade pasties with mum in law in Bristol and I knitted there and back whilst chatting to Dearly Beloved. I got to spend all day as close to him as possible and he has a new scarf and I have also knitted half a blanket. A lovely day out, we’d saved money for the diesel there and back and of course, it’s always lovely to see mum. 


10 thoughts on “I saved a fortune today

  1. We recently went down the M1 from Yorkshire to Hertfordshire visitng rellies. We collected Twiglet from school on a Friday and we were off. I loved it when he said righto Mummy what's for the car picnic 🙂 We had juice, sarnies, picnic eggs and like you just stopped for the loo. Yay for frugal travel !!
    twiggy x


  2. I travel a lot with my work, around Scotland and the North of England. I avoid the services like the plague, except when nature calls of course! It's all a rip off, I am proud to say that I am a memeber of the flask and sarines brigade!!


  3. The services serve such rubbish too, profit not nutritional value is highest on their agenda! I became a member of the picnic brigade by default when I became vegan. As a vegetarian there was usually some food available all be it horrible but as a vegan in service stations we don't exist. Taking my own food because I have no choice has saved me pounds. I also avoid multiples like the plague so motorway coffee is out. Ethical beliefs have resulted in money saving for me – it's all good! Glad you had a nice day visiting! Happy weekend!


  4. I apllaud you, with 3 kiddos always wanting I joined the tupperware brigade a long while ago, saves me a small fortune, and enables us to have days out I would otherwise not be able to afford.


  5. I have always travelled with an enormous cool bag by my side – in car snacks! We have had some great days out this week on our Staycation, and apart from the treat of Fish and Chips at Whitby (as it is the law!) we have picniced every day and loved it. I have been amazed how little we have spent.


  6. Our kids think its wierd if we don't have our 'snack box' in the car – good for you guys! The worst thing about air travel (we do a bit of that from here due to our location) is that you can't take drink etc with you……….I do hope they relax the rules.

    Well done – what a lovely day!


  7. Know what else is sad about all the eating out? It isn't a treat when you get to do it. When I was a kid we rarely ate out and when we got to go out for hamburgers, fries and shakes, well, that was something to be savored and remembered for weeks. We are now treating ourselves so often with so many different things that nothing makes us happy. But we keep trying and keep spending. While spending money may be fun, it will never make you happy.


  8. Something about captive markets springs to mind. I generally only stop for the loos as well. However if I need anything else and have been unprepared I always keep an eye out for marks and spencers services.

    I would never dream of shopping there normally but they do not inflate the prices at these places so a pint of milk for example costs the same as a pint of milk in town!

    Still expensive but useful info all the same the day you get caught out.

    I just don't eat in Burger King et al on principle. Those places are killing the planet in every sense.


  9. It's oddly enough become a rare treat for us to get a hamburger at BK. Most other burger places in our area charge twice what BK charges for a burger and we rarely eat red meat at home. So once about every two months we'll go to BK. But it's a planned-in-advance event, half splurge, half frugal choice. But you absolutely have a point that it's really important to pack food ahead when traveling because food on the road adds up terribly and too much isn't good for you.


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