9p? Yes it’s 9p! Shopping for bargains.

 I’m totally exhausted today! Mum came and we went to Tavistock for the day.  I took her home and after returning, I went to Morrisons. I think everything was 9p! The salad was 9p. So Dearly Beloved and #1 son had salad and they had a pizza each for 80p! I had stir fry veggies, also 9p, which came with a coconut and lime sauce and a small pack of prawns which were 29p! Supper was £2.10 for the three of us.

 We don’t often have ‘shop’ food. Today has taken its toll on me and all I could manage was a reheat!


9 thoughts on “9p? Yes it’s 9p! Shopping for bargains.

  1. I love it when morrisons do this they usually do it last thing I am taking dd1 for her monthly shop tomorrow evening but they have none cause I'm on look out when I pop with no money in they usually have loads


  2. well done! here in ireland it is hard to find such gd bargains! I always try and buy some ingredients from tesco or dunnes reduced but lidls is the best bet for cheaper food here!i try and get irish produced.I grow a lot myself and have hens too.I also stockpile bargains and when more broke than ususal use this!


  3. We had the American equivalent of your dinner. One of the local chains has a line of upper-end items. I had coupons for a bunch of their stuff. I skimped last week and this week I bought some of that “good stuff” and we had a dinner of tri-color tortellini in a vodka blush sauce with a loaf of panne bread. I did add leftover chicken and carrots with a side of steamed broccoli. But the fresh tortellini was on sale and I had the dollar off store coupon.

    It was a treat — but not as expensive as dining out and cheaper than ordering out a single pizza!


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