The greenest Granny!

Today’s blog is for Doris Stogdale! Here she is with her 58 year old fridge. I think all ‘white goods’ should be built to last a lifetime; instead of the flimsy one or two years that things last for now! We bought our fridge freezer in 2005 and it’s on its last legs. The seals need replacing (not even sure if you can replace fridge freezer door seals) and it certainly won’t last ten years. Doris has has the chance to replace her fridge in the past, but as it still worked, she didn’t see the need to. I think Doris is a very green granny!

I’m going to have Doris as one of my role models. I no longer want to replace anything with something new, but with something serviceable and functioning. If I can give it a new home, whether that’s a piece of furniture or an item of clothing, I will do that instead of buying new. None of us need a ‘new sofa by Christmas’ or to decorate our home, or replace curtains unless, what ever you are replacing is beyond repair or just totally defunct.

I know there will be people stating in comments that her fridge can not be triple A rated and must use more electricity, however, as most fridges last at most, for five years, by keeping this one; Doris has saved the carbon foot print created by 11 or 12 other fridges if she had renewed and ‘upgraded’.If any of you have seen the ‘Wee man’ at the Eden Project and the skips full of waste electrical goods at the tip, you will know we throw a great deal of electrical goods away, simply to ‘upgrade’. Let’s all raise our afternoon tea cups to Doris Stogdale and her thrifty, non wasting ways and long may her fridge chill her cheese!


12 thoughts on “The greenest Granny!

  1. Doris, I raise my brew to you today. And to think some people spend rediculous amounts to get a retro fridge liek Doris's

    Totally agree witt e rinciple i is best to run something into the ground until there is no life left in it, rather than just upgrade, i did tis with my car, it is actually more Environmentally friendly that way like you said


  2. OMG. I have that fridge! Someone painted it teal green — with an airbrush and automotive paint. It looks real cool. We could recycle it (and get 50 bucks). I had the appointment set. Then we backed out.

    It still works!!!

    There is one problem, it's not got a grounded plug and it's probably not energy star rated.


  3. Aww bless her. She is shinning example of the generation who grew up knowing that 'thrift was the best policy. Doris and her compatriots knew what it was like to 'mend and make do.'

    You are spot on Jane, goods should be made that last more then a few years, however that isn't how capitalism works unfortunately, they even have a term for the process, 'built in obsolescence.' Stuff is made not to last, if it did last, there would of course be no incentive to go and buy a new one, and so profits could be made. And don't forget too, that most of the population are conditioned by the relentless advertising machine to 'need,' that latest gadget on the market.

    Sorry for the diatribe. I promise to try to keep future comments less contentious. A excellent post again, from you though


  4. Those marketing folks are smart. Yes!They (the manufacturers)figured out years ago, that if they make things to last that long, there won't be as many re- sells, and they won't bring in as much money.If all appliances held up that long, those companies would go out of business.So now they make things so rinky dink, they give out in a few years, and you will need to buy another. They are smart!


  5. Ah Doris, I raise my mug to you. I'm all for the energy efficient. But I am coming to see more and more that replacing something that is not broken just to have a better more efficient one is not green.


  6. That is amazing, no they don't make things to last like they used too. In fact I think they are made to only last so long now, got to keep people coming back every 5-7 years to buy a new fridge, stove, etc. Cars don't last like they used too either!


  7. It's called 'Full Process'.

    It is easy to say something is greener now, there are several companies operating on the internet that claim zero carbon emmisions, as they do not hold or ship any stock themselves, it is all contracted out. So yes they have no emissions but trace the service and somewhere a diesel van pumps out fumes.

    Its the same with all things, 58 years and that fridge owes the world nothing. New cars are fantastically efficient and there carbon output is minimal, but that nice big factory in europe or asia that has lots of heavy presses working steel, not so much. Those who scrapped cars in the last couple of years to buy a new eco model probably did more harm than good.

    A round of applause from me, thats for sure.


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