Better late than never.

 I never have any time for hobbies in term time and I’m catching up on lost time. I’m breaking all of the quilting rules that tell you to start sewing in the middle and work out. I’m starting on the right and working across. It’s my first quilt and if it’s rubbish, it can go in the spare room! I’ve already managed to sew a pleat into the back and I’ll have to unpick and repin and have a go again tomorrow. It doesn’t matter though as the next one will be so much better.

It’s hard work just holding onto the quilt. I have to roll it into a tube to fit it through the machine. I feel like I’m wrestling with a snake… these guys!


10 thoughts on “Better late than never.

  1. Don't worry about starting from one side and working across – nothing wrong with that providing you just keep working across and dont try and work from the outside in – as for the pleat on the back if its for your own use or the recipient wont notice it dont worry – I've been quilting for many a year and I don't lose sleep over this if its a little one – just relax and go with the flow, wrestle that snake but most of all enjoy the process – it's looking lovely :o)

    ps really enjoy your blog – you're an inspiration as we are having to tighten our belts as our eldest has just gone to that expensive luxury called university – I'm taking frugal baby steps at the moment but keep looking in to pick up useful tips and inspiration


  2. Some folks do a large running stitch by hand in a grid to keep everything lined up before quilting. Others us big safety pins. However you you are doing it, it sounds like it is working pretty well and I'm sure it will be wonderful and warm.


  3. I just found the following on Oh! Fransson's blog:
    * Making a quilt takes longer than many other sewing projects. Embrace this and take your time, completing each step at your own pace.
    * If you make a mistake, you can choose to take your work apart and start over, or you can choose to keep working and just try not to make the same mistake next time. What’s important is that you’re happy with your work, not that you’re meeting someone else’s arbitrary standards of quality. (Remember that you’re basically making a blanket. There are few things you can do to make a non-functional blanket!)
    * If you find yourself hating the project you’re working on, walk away for a couple of hours or a couple of days. A little distance can make a lot of problems disappear.
    All so true. What does the odd tuck matter? It is only quilting, after all – nobody died. Your quilt looks great and will look even better on the bed.


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