Fowey and the FREE fixed Dyson

I’ve had a funny old day today. I went to work to run a two hour revision session for the students and then went off to Fowey to see mum. Mum has good days and bad days and oh boy, was today a bad day. It all stems from, I believe to be this. My mum used to make everything when we were small, she had no money and everything was made. Mum associates knitting, cooking, growing veg and any thing frugal with the ‘hell’ that she describes bringing up three kids without any money. I have no recollection of anything being wrong and what we had or didn’t have was normal to us. Mum associates spending money and going shopping with being better off and therefore happy. Who am I to disagree with my mother, so I just shut up.

I took mum for a walk around Fowey and to be honest I would rather walk around a that Chilean mine than Fowey on a school holiday. It’s wall to wall muppets to be honest, who try to drive huge cars around a historic fishing port trying to find somewhere to park the Range Rover and no one can control their Boden clad children as they’ve come on down the holiday cottage without nanny! Give me flippin’ strength! Any way, I needed to get mum out so I walked her round Fowey. I wanted to go to the beach and paddle but guess what? Yep, she wanted to go to the shops. It’s the kind of place that sells Dolce and Gabbana shower gel! I am not joking! Any way, I played along and went from one shop to another (Fat Face, Sea Salt and other high price emporiums) with mum stroking cardi’s with remarks of ‘why don’t you get one?’. I didn’t give any reply as she just doesn’t get it. I didn’t tell her that I can’t shop in Fowey as there are no charity shops!!!

The good news of the day is that I’ve repaired the upright Dyson!  I danced around upstairs with it! It is fantastic and it cost me nothing!!! Cleaning is so much easier with a cleaner that works!!


5 thoughts on “Fowey and the FREE fixed Dyson

  1. Hi Angela, please don't be put off Fowey, just don't go in school holidays, today was just a hugh Range Rover convoy! and G, I would rather dig coal than do fowey too often and it's where I come from


  2. I asked my momma to get me a couple fo t shirts from a charity shop the next time she was where the shops are as she would be there before me. Instead she went and bought me 2 new ones there and then. Her thoughts on it were she was buying them so it didn't matter. Never mind that I had intended to pay for them and I would be using them! People just don't “get” the whole frugal/not buying new thing at all.


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