Remember the dead dyson?

Today, we collected the Dyson, with the non- working motor, but perfect in every way else. Tomorrow, Dearly Beloved will take the guts out of our old one and transplant it into our ‘new one’. As part of the deal, for £5!!!! We got a Dyson and this little vacuum. It didn’t work so good as it was clogged up with dust and fluff. Vacuums need maintenance and, if you look after yours, clean its filters, keep it emptied and clean, it can last you for year. I now have a spare vacuum for my son and his girl friend when the move into their new home. A quick clean out, a wipe round of all the seals and this little vacuum is as good as new! Two vacuums, for £5! I can’t believe I ever, ever used to buy new and pay retail! ‘Used’ is the way to go.


3 thoughts on “Remember the dead dyson?

  1. I've always maintained our vac, and when it got beyond my ability we still paid to have it repaired rather than spend the same on a new one.

    It works as well as even so why get a new one shipped half way round the planet?

    Fair play to your tame tinkerer, a man after my own heart.


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