Jingle all the way!

 This week is operation “Get everything made, wrapped and ready for Christmas week. All over the country, teachers will make puddings, cakes, mincemeat and buy the presents, as it’ll be the only chance before it gets busy.

I have a mountain on things to do:

Make clove studded oranges to give to people as ‘smellies’ for their houses. People love them and I usually give them to colleagues as a thank you. (BTW – Tesco sell 6 Value oranges for £1 and they are just the right size)

Make eight mini Christmas cakes, eight wee Christmas puddings.

Wrap the soap in grease proof paper and decorate with ribbons.

Find boxes to cover with Christmas paper and decorate – people get them open with smellies (the decorated orange) preserves, sloe gin and a Christmas cake and pudding. I warn people in advance not to buy one (I don’t make them for people who make their own, but people who would really enjoy something homemade as a gift) and the homemade soap, which is a new addition for this year.

I’m going to have great fun this weekend as the soap can be wrapped and the boxes decorated. I will also have the most wonderful smells in my house as puddings steam and cakes bake. Christmas is understated in our house, homemade and costs very little but I have masses of fun getting ready for it.


10 thoughts on “Jingle all the way!

  1. Well, you're going to be a very busy girl aren't you…..are you house hunting as well?? Looks like an info sheet on a house on your worktop! Have a lovley half term hun. S x x x


  2. Gosh you will be busy but it sounds fun and enjoyable weekend. My hubby is wondering how 'frankendyson' is getting on? Has he had open 'motor' surgery yet?


  3. Please, please, you need to write a trigger warning on your blog if you intend to talk of that bloody C word. Nothing depresses me more. Bah sodding humbug.


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