Now we all have to live like the Frugal Queen

 I haven’t had THE call yet from George Osborne, but he knows where I am for advice, any time he needs me, and oh boy! He NEEDS me. As a country, we owe £952.8 Billion or 64.6% of GDP. Let me explain that in terms of my personal economics. 66% of our total combined after tax incomes go on debts, including our mortgage, which is of course, a debt. So, the whole country is in the same state that I’m in, up to its neck! (ANOTHER WAY? CLICK HERE!)

 Like me, the country has to pay back the money it owes. I had to make some crippling decisions to work towards being debt free. I had to give up anything that I didn’t need to survive on. Not only did I have to give up everything other than the most basic essentials but I couldn’t spend any money. If I have peeling paint; it has to peel. The heating can’t go on. Clothes can’t be bought new. Presents are homegrown and homemade. It is tough and it’s going to be tough for a very long time.
This all means, that the biggest percentage of all the taxes raised by the government goes towards paying the national debt, and with all big debts, the interest charges alone cancel out the payments made and the debt just keeps getting bigger. The only way to stop this kind of debt is to take the drastic action of not spending any money and that is what has to happen in the country. The country, like me, is so in debt that it can’t afford anything new for years to come. The country, like me, can’t leave a single light on in any publicly funded institution after the office/classroom/centre closes at night or for the weekend. Everything I have will have to last, will have to do and that’s the same for anything that’s publicly funded.

Private businesses have felt the sharp hand of the economy since 2008 and we have all watched pubs, shops and post offices close as money became short. Businesses stopped hiring, staff who retired were not replaced and thousands of people lost their jobs…….rememberWoolworths? People couldn’t get mortgages and then people couldn’t sell their houses and up and down the country, people suffered.

Now it hits every aspect of public life; there isn’t any money. The country is in the same financial state that I’m in. I spend 66% on debts every month, 24% of household expenses such as food, water, light and there’s only 10% left for servicing the car, dental bills, clothing, days out, Christmas and birthdays. The country, like me, spends most of its income on ‘servicing the debt’.

Give me a call George!!! You need me! The whole country needs to live like Frugal Queen. Nothing can be replaced, nothing can be bought, nothing can be wasted. Put me in charge and I’ll have the Royal Parks dug up to grow food! It might seem flippant but, just like in war time, we need to keep every penny we can and help each other to live as frugally as possible. We need a public information service helping people to make do and mend, to not waste food, to share what we have. People need to cope through this incredible storm.


23 thoughts on “Now we all have to live like the Frugal Queen

  1. or they could tax the banks…. or not have nuclear warheads. or make companies like O2 or vodafone or whoever it was who just got let off their 6 billion pound tax bill actually pay their tax bill…. just a few thoughts…. and yes, I agree with Lizzie, I think you will be out of the woods before the country is. Rock on you.


  2. Gosh, thats the first time I have fully understood just how much debt the country is in thankyou for putting it so clearly. I would also like to know why the banks can't pay back the money we gave them when they were in the mire. Well done you keep it up.


  3. Our tightened belts are going to become even tighter at Twiggy Towers. Mr Twigs works for the public sector, his pay has been frozen yet he has to increase his pension contributions pretty soon. He worked last weekend to ensure the computer systems were ready for Monday morning, he didn't get paid. He got time off in lieu, which he can't take as they are short staffed – It's going to be a bumpy ride, but we have lots of love and laughter in our home, hopefully we'll be able to truck on. You are doing a grand job.
    twiggy x


  4. We were discussing the same thing a few nights ago, I really believe that if we could get some common sense into the whole mess it would help, after all it can't hurt (more)To this end I have already voted for you to run the country.
    Unfortunately I suspect that you have more common sense than to take the job. I once heard a quote that “anyone who actually wants the job should be automatically excluded from getting it on the grounds of insanity” And you are probably the 'sanest' (is that the word?) person I know :0)


  5. So true, but I just don't think the factions in government will ever agree on what is basic and what is not. I'll send your post to my Congressman anyway; he gets it, but a bunch of them don't.


  6. We simply cannot go on endlessly consuming. Resources are finite and the consumer society we have witnessed in recent years with a large proportion of the world in poverty and the rest gobbling up far more stuff than they need is a flawed model which can't continue. So yes we have to tighten our belts and manage on less both for the sake of th country and the earth. One thing though Foster Mummy, don't be too sure about the libraries if the cuts continue!


  7. I used to work for a well known (possibly caused the whole recession) bank doing telephone loans and for a while got sucked into their “live now pay later” ethos. I left 7 years ago when the whole pressure of getting people to take on more debt started to really not sit well with me. I now live the life again that my mum brought me up to live – not as frugally as my mum, but definately no waste. Last week inspite of the endowment policy paying out a bit short by a few thousand pounds, we paid off our mortgage – an immense achievement for us and I couldnt be more proud. For once, I am the envy of my more extravagant friends (some of whom have the scariest precarious financial situations ever, but lots of “fabulous STUFF”!!!). I use blogs and websites like yours for inspiration and to make the whole frugal existance thing FUN! We are now working on getting rid of a credit card bill (not huge, but annoying) and building up savings so we dont have to worl till we are bloody 66!!!! Thanks for the inspiration – as the posters say KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! xxxxxxxxxxx


  8. 90% of the population would be out of work if the govt followed your prescription. People would starve because there would be no tax money coming in to pay for welfare benefits.
    And, btw, not everyone got into insupportable debt during the years of easy credit and not every one of those folk took from the public benefits purse – they're the ones having to pay for the foolhardy, both govt and private individuals.


  9. unfortunately there is another problem. The wonderful(!) labour party have vowed to vote down and tax on banks when the legislation is tabled.

    Paying people for non jobs is a false economy. recently I called our local council, I got put through to 4 different people toe explain the same problem…only to be put back through to the first person I spoke to. so that was 3 people time wasting.
    Now if the chief execs of councils took a 15% pay cut, that is 2 jobs saved per council. Yes Chief exec get over 1/4 million pounds of OUR money to do what? fiddle expenses and cut services. Some county council chief execs get over A MILLION POUNDS A YEAR.
    Yet I can guess their wages are safe. Then again it's only sacking nurses, front line care staff, bin men, police officers, teachers and dinner ladies that gets headlines and the union's backs up. Not cutting pay of the big council execs.

    While we are on the subject of execs, does a police force really need 9 yes NINE assistant chief commander superintendants whatevers? I mean when was the last time a police commander appeared on a crime scene getting their hands dirty?
    Certainly not when the press wasn't about I bet!

    Everyone has to cut back, pure and simple, businesses do not invest in bankrupt countries. Businesses need stability but most of all businesses need a population that will get off their fat arses and actually go to work, not sit there complaining about immigration. If there is no job where you live…MOVE DAMMIT! Mountains don't go to Mohammed, Mohammed MUST GO TO THE MOUNTAIN.

    Here endeth the lesson according to me…who has lived off noodles before now when it was 6 weeks before first payday and has moved upteen times for finding work.


  10. I wish our country was cutting instead of spending, it's only going to get worse. The tax on banks won't help, they'll just pass it on to their customers and they'll end up paying it.
    I feel sorry for people losing their homes, but I don't feel responsible for their debt either.


  11. Hi Jane, the gov is following my prescription; because they have to. There is nothing left in the pot and I take your point that plenty of people who need the pot, didn't cause the problems. Nonetheless, the cuts backs are just the start of what they have to do. I hope you'r enot implying that my debts are from an extravagent lifestyle, because there is nothing I bought on credit that I didn't need e.g car, clothes, house etc. There is no money to pay for anything and services have to be cut, it's not nice and jobs will go. I used to pay for the services of: hairdressers, waiting staff, takeaway staff and now I don't do that any more. There's a huge amount of people without debt and still well paid to keep others in work in shops and restaurants. So, I'm not prescribing, I'm saying as it is.


  12. Its definitely a difficult fix we're all in that's for sure. I'm not sure there will be any real solutions. Government's have a way of making all the right noises without actually doing anything in real terms.

    I do see credit cards and loans as a huge problem. Because people put so much on credit, the prices for everything are over-inflated. If there was no credit and people had to actually live on what they earned, the price of houses and stuff in general would come down to a realistic price.

    However, I don't think credit will stop anytime soon. People have to find the willpower to pay them off and do without and as people are fundamentally lazy, this will never happen.



  13. >This all means, that the biggest >percentage of all the taxes raised >by the government goes towards >paying the national debt

    Actually it doesn't, since the government can borrow much more cheaply than you can. Pedantic point aside, the national problem is not nearly so great as the one you are heroically dealing with, but the sentiment is fundamentally right. -SG


  14. frugal, I have nothing but admiration for you and your lifestyle, the world would be a better place if more people lived your way.
    I meant that here in the States many people got into debt with their houses because they bought what they could not afford in order to impress others, took interest only loans because they were going to 'ride” the market and make a fortune. These are the people I have little sympathy for. Those who've worked hard, lost their jobs through no fault of their own need our help and prayers.


  15. Its the daftest thing but the want of moeny only ever seems to lead to the owing of it!

    If everyone gave up money, and stopped trying to increase the profit etc, and we all stopped and grew our own, few would have what they want but everyone would have all they need.

    Yet few seem to realise this simple truth. We decide the way to get out of debt is to get everyone spending.

    But that is money they don't have so we get the banks to start lending again, and hang on a minute haven't we been here before?


  16. Well we sure could do with some help Frugal Queen!! I know its a bit tongue in cheek but I think people SHOULD be taught to live frugally, that we grow more of our food in this country and not ship it in, and we DO need to adopt a more war-like mentality if we ever hope to get this country on an even keel and not just a temporary list in a good direction only to fall back into our old “bad” ways. This pain HAS to be a one-time fix and not something to do every decade or so. So, yes, we DO need u VERY much Frugal Queen!!


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