Bread of heaven.

 We have spats of making our own bread and then as much time again eating what we call “Cheapy Harry” bread. The latter is OK…………ish, well I must admit, it’s shocking if you read the ingredients. Our bread has, wheat flour, salt, yeast, water and a smidge of margarine or olive oil. It’s a bung it in, get on with marking year 11’s mock exam papers and come back when it beeps. It’s just the right gadget for a busy working woman……………..OK! More confessions! Dearly Beloved learned to do this and now he makes the bread.

It was such as treat today to have reduced fat and price cheese and homemade chutney sandwiches, made with Dearly Beloved’s bread. It costs pennies but beats the local bakers easily. He’s a man of many talents and he’s on a Frugal mission at the moment. This week alone he has, dissected the Dyson in readiness for the organ donation when we get the deceased Dyson to take its heart out for transplant, he’s screwed the sofa back together and now he’s made the bread.

I often get lovely comments on my blog, where people don’t get the support from their families even though they want to save money and the planet themselves. I can’t imagine struggling against a tide of opposition and we are truly team frugal when it comes to not only saving money, but doing our bit for this wonderful planet of ours. Even the bread machine is frugal. Our neighbour from Plymouth, when we used to live there, gave it to me. It was given to her as a present and she never used it. It also used as lot less energy than switching the oven on. Bread of heaven in my heavenly frugal home.


10 thoughts on “Bread of heaven.

  1. hey froogs, gorgeous daughter wants to know if it works with gluten free flour? If you're not sure and are up for an experiment, I'll bring some GF flour round and we can stitch and bitch while it's baking. x


  2. I make all the bread in our house and I love it. There is nothing quite like home made bread and the smell it fills the house with. I'm also huge fan of knowing exactly what has one in my food. I use no preservatives ant it keeps as well as any shop bought stuff!


  3. I used Christmas money from my mum and sister last Christmas to buy a breadmaker and I make all our bread too! There's nothing like it! I've always thought manufactured bread tastes like beer mats! The breadmaker's great for pizza too!


  4. I confess that I've never yet used our breadmaker but my husband does. When we make bread, I always do it by hand (in the school holidays) and my husband always uses the machine (the rest of the year). It is a wonderful tool and waking up to the smell of fresh bread – just heavenly. We always make our own bread unless we happen upon vastly reduced bread where it is considerably cheaper than making it and then only buy if it is nice bread not cheapo sliced foam rubber.


  5. I love homemade bread, not only for flavour and texture, but also because I like to know what goes into my bread. I got a breadmaker given from my sister, but only used it twice – It took ages and was so noisy. I have since discovered the ease of making bread with a Kenwood Chef (Ebay – not new) and using a no knead recipe for everyday wholmeal bread. xxx


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