15 minute meals

 I watched Jamie Oliver cook a ‘Sunday Lunch’ in 30 minutes and thought to myself that most of my meals are cooked in under 30 minutes. Today we have rice and veg with bacon chunks. Here’s how I did it. I used a pack of Tesco’s ‘cooking bacon, which actually is end pieces of bacon in irregular larger chunks. I use it where pancetta or lardons would be used. I cut it into mouth sized chunks and put those onto a hot grill tray under the grill.

 I then cooked a sachet of savoury rice as prescribed on the packet, but I added the vegetable to that.  I had a small bag of French beans, which I halved and a cup of mixed frozen veg. I brought that to the boil and then put the lid on, turned the heat right down and left it for another 12 minutes. I cooked the bacon until it was golden brown, when everything was cooked and you know it is because all of the water has been absorbed by the rice. This is a great meal for a quick lunch and cheap too.

The savoury rice was 3 packs for £1 from Lidl, the bacon was 77p for the pack, the mini green beans were reduced to 39p and the frozen veg was 7p. So £1.56 for the lot and 78p each. It’s just the kind of snack lunch that my kids used to love and we still do.


3 thoughts on “15 minute meals

  1. Reading your post whilst listening to (and smelling) Jon cook me a roast dinner in the next room has left me rumbling and ever so slightly drooling. Not such a good look!

    PS love your house winterproofing measures, I've just put the winter duvet on the bed and I can't wait to get in – clean sheets AND winter duvet – happy me!!!


  2. You can do a passable savoury rice by cooking ordinary rice in a vegetable stock cube and adding any spices you want to taste. In practice it doesn't take much longer and is generally cheaper to boot if yo buy saver brands. Tumeric is very good for colouring the rice if you want it yellow.


  3. I have been reading your blog for about six months now and have been enjoying your Frugal Trip. We have been doing that also as we are helping our kids through this tough economic time.
    What I love about your blog is the cooking. Your dishes always look so good! You should be in catering. And what is really fun is seeing your groceries. Since I live in Renton, Washington (which is very near Seattle. And Seattle is about 2 and 1/2 hours, by air, from LA. I never know if people know where Washington state is.) All the packages are new to me and it is fun to see all the brands you use in England. I am not too sure about the money exchange. I do have a friend who is a Brit and I ask her when I remember, which isn't often.
    Keep moving along with your frugal ways! I love that you blog so often and your pictures are great.


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