Worth his weight!

Just as we’ve bought a ‘new’ chair; the sofa has decided to give up completely. The wooden frame is coming apart. Dearly Beloved has mended it today…….with bits of an old shelving unit we used to have in our old home. The feet have cracked and fallen apart and now it has wooden blocks, covered in carpet remnants for feet. He’s given up an entire morning to keep this old sofa going and I can’t begin to explain how appreciative I am of what he has done.

I’m sure that many people, would look at a broken ten year old sofa and think they’d had good wear out of it and would take it to the tip. I will replace the sofa with one from either eBay or the free ads but until then, the repair will leave us with a sofa that can be used for many years into the future. You see, it’s not about being frugal, it’s about not wasting the world’s resources and just making do with what we have.

I’ve also recycled the soap that went wrong. I’ve reprocessed it as ‘hot process soap’ and it’s worked this time. I has a darker colour and will be for personal use instead of the Christmas presents I had hoped to give, but again, it’s not wasted. Sometimes I have to see beyond money saving and debt repayment and tread lightly on this planet.


12 thoughts on “Worth his weight!

  1. I'd love to have a bar of your hot process soap as a gift – count me in!
    Am down your way with a newly washed dog tomorrow, if OK would love to pop in for a cuppa and bring you some apple and chilli relish. xxx


  2. We have had our settee for 14 years, it was specially made with an Italian fold out metal framed bed inside.

    Many times I have cursed the thing, its so heavy to move and hates carpet, it has castors on the front and 'gliders' on the back, works fine pulling it forward going back….forget it, I heave and shove until the sweat is pouring off me and eventaully it goves up the fight and slides back into place. No wonder the mouse we had thought it had found the ideal place to crash, I only move it once a month to hoover underneath. When I moved it yesterday I found evidence of a little furry friend gorging itself on my precious walnuts I had put in a bowl by the stove to dry off…….they are no longer there but despite me swearing everytime I move the damn thing, that its going, I have a feeling it is going to be with us for many years to come!!!


  3. I've had a home like a show home as I said but these days I have sofas and carpets destroyed by adopted pets and a kitchen that's falling to bits. I've never been so happy! We are lucky indeed – we are warm, we are fed, we are clothed and we are comfy. We love our adopted pets and we have enough to share so we do. Life is good – I cannot imagine going back to my old life.


  4. My hubby had to fix my chair a few weeks ago too, I think the sofa is just about to go the same way but nothing an hours work won't fix. In our house jobs like this are called 'Honeydo's' – Honey will do them later!


  5. This mending and making things last is what folk have always done until the very recent past. It's nice to cone across folk here that think like I do – i just wish I was quite as handy as some of you guys!


  6. heres a tip for those whose sofas have broken springs, this tip came from my stepson who has just gone flatting. there sofa was sagging, they got an old tyre tube and cut it into strips and nailed that into the base, they say its the bouncy-ist most comfortable sofa ever.


  7. My couch was a gift from a friend 4 yrs ago. He was moving to a tiny uni flat & just couldn't get the energy to sell his stuff.

    It clicks out into a bed, & has had over 100 couchsurfers & Helpx sleep on it the past 2 years. (see my couch & latest Helpx on my blog Frugal Down Under).

    I don't like the colour of it but cover it with fake fur fabric to give it “pop”. I think it will stay with us for a long time as my friend passed away not long after, so has great sentimental value.


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