Now that’s what I call frugal!

Here I am! In my new chair! £1.20 from ebay. I’ve got my feet up on my pouffee I got for nothing via Freecycle. I’m wearing a stripey extra warm fleece from the hospice shop, with a tee shirt I bought from the £1 rail in the local animal shelter shop. I’m wearing my lovely Per Una jeans I bought for £5 from ebay and I’m wearing slippers as I need less heating if I’m wearing those. I’ve got the thick curtains drawn to keep the warmth in. To my right, is my Reebok trainers, new in a box when I bought them, from the Salvation Army shop for £2.

Frugal doesn’t match and frugal doesn’t care. It celebrates living with what I have and what I can get for next to nothing. It makes me smile that I can clothe myself and furnish my house for very little.

We had a training day at work today and there was so much food left. I’m thankful that one of the deputy heads decided to give it away to people. I took a quiche home and we had that for supper. Now that’s what I call frugal!

All that saving meant I could have a trip to the Co op for a bottle of wine, and guess what! I had a great deal on that too, as Australian Merlot was £3 a bottle!


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