Here we go, here we go, here we go o!

It’s that time of year again! The nights are drawing in and there is a chill about the house. I’ve a cupboard full of charity shop blankets and soon they will be draped over the backs of chairs so we can wrap ourselves up in them.

I’ve dug out the hot water bottles. I don’t just use mine in bed; I fill one up and keep one next to my back and it’s lovely to have a warm body in a chilly house.

Funnily enough, I have fluffy slippers just like these. I have plenty of warm thick socks too. I’m wearing the thick socks, fluffy slippers and I have a hot water bottle wedged between my back and my office chair.

All the Hissing Sids (remember him? I thought his defence was dubious!) are in place to stop the draughts. We’ll finalise the pre-winter wrap up this weekend by cutting down an old curtain pole and reinstating it over the front door to stop the warmth escaping by hanging a very thick door curtain.

It seems extreme, but we more than halved our energy bills. It’s simple enough to do this. Wear more, keep wrapped up, drink hot drinks, use hot water bottles. We also use our south facing house to warm us; we make sure the curtains are open wide and that we retain the warmth in the evening with good insulation.

We had our house insulated under a government scheme and even though it’s a large house, it’s incredibly warm. All this means I can keep my thermostat at 15 degrees, yep you heard right! 15 degrees. The heating is left on timer but it rarely switches on as the house rarely drops below 15 degrees. That might seems quite cold, but it was 3 degrees when I arrived at work this morning and even that didn’t seem that cold; I’m not even wearing a coat yet, just my work suit as normal.
Mornings can be a bit raw but if I race at the day and do everything as quickly as I can, I soon warm up. Bring it on! Let the winter challenge begin!


13 thoughts on “Here we go, here we go, here we go o!

  1. If that is a photo of your blanket pile I'm very envious. Mine have already move onto the backs of the chair and sofa, ready for action, but yours are just so darn pretty.
    Stay warm and well :0)


  2. This is our first year with laminate floors rather than carpets and we live VERY high up, so it gets very chilly, I will be making snakes and making winter preparations very soon 🙂 I love getting all cosy. Must get a curatin over our front door our staircase is freezing!!
    Twiggy x
    PS We had the government insulation scheme done last year too.


  3. Your blankets are fab… mine are very boring by comparison, but already folded on the edge of all the chairs… 🙂 mind you we do not have our heating quite that low. It was at 19 degrees last winter (we are easing our way into this) and I want it down to 17 this year… brrrr that's quite cold for us weaklings… hats off to you girl!


  4. I've just got my blankets out too! I also light the fire in the evenings but I'm determined not to have the heating on until icicles form on the end of our noses! xxx


  5. hot water bottles remind me of when I was a little girl, and my boys love them now too! I must have toughened up in my old age eh?!
    I can't wait to tell you that tomorrow I am off to collect an eiderdown (she called it vintage) and a wooden standard lamp from 2 freecyclers! I can't wait to see them, I really hope I love them. Fingers crossed eh?!
    Keep those toes warm Hun. X


  6. I'm getting ready,too, but since i have most of the things you mention, already in place, I went to the Goodwill stores and gathered up 3 sets of long flannel P.J.'s.I agree with the being “nice and snuggly” comment.Our wood stove is in the basement, so our floors are nice and warm as long as there's a good fire burning. We love our wood stove.Our furnace,too, gets very little use around here.


  7. The thermostat is reading 13-14 degrees inside and we haven't yet put the heating on!
    It got the annual test fire a few weeks back to make sure it was working but that was it. It's a bit chill when we wake up but again getting into the day soon warms up.
    We keep all the internal doors closed to maintain heat in the rooms and wrap up a bit if it gets too cool.
    Hopeing to wait out until november before we think about touching the on button but the Daughter is coming down next week for half term and she is nesh becuase her mum is, so the heating has been on a month up there already.
    When you get used to something it becomes the norm you live by.


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