New Furniture!!!!!

It’s been a good day and a bad day. Dearly Beloved has poorly teeth and his treatment cost us £100 today! BAD! But he’s worth any amount of treatment for him to feel better. I have had a better day. I won the ebay auction and have a new chair. I have two sofas and I’m short of seating when people come round as they are little two seaters. I paid £1.20 for the chair!!! Also! I have to collect it from the road next to where I work! So all is good.

I was asked for the recipe for dumplings. Here it is.

100g SR four, 50g suet, half teaspoon of salt and water to mix. Mix the water with your fingers until it is doughy. Divide into balls, I make large dumplings. Add them to the almost cooked stew or casserole for the last half an hour, keep the lid on the pot. I make mine in the slow cooker but I think you get bigger and fluffier dumplings if you do this in a saucepan with the stew bubbling at a steady simmer.

Thanks for the lovely remarks yesterday, it’s great to think that I’m inspiring anyone to save money in these hard times. Let’s all keep it up together and we’ll all get through this.


8 thoughts on “New Furniture!!!!!

  1. Wow!What a fab chair. Well done you xx (ps one way in which I save for dentist bills is never going to the dentist! I'm 33 and I've only ever been once in my life! A couple of fillings last time, but all in all not bad. Just wait until I'm fifty, I'll have a mouth full of gaps!!) xx


  2. Lovely chair, looks comfy and what a bargain.

    We've been enjoying casseroles and dumplings, although I prefer to use 50g SR flour and 50g breadcrumbs, really delicious and light. Making some later for tea … yum!


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