A week’s groceries for £15.78

Here is today’s bulk cooking. Beef stew with dumplings, all the veg is already in this and it will feed us tonight and leftovers in Tupperware for lunch tomorrow. Lasagne for the freezer. Italian Beef and broccoli Pasta bake with herby crumb topping, another lasagne which will feed us twice; once for supper and then again the next day in Tupperware for lunch.

Above is the cooking beef stew and dumplings………I add some mixed herbs and black pepper to my dumplings. I always use the shin of beef, which is usually sold as Tesco Value stewing steak for £4.99 a kilo and I buy about 250g which is a lot more than we need but at £1.25 it’s very good value.

Here’s a close up of the pasta bake. I had some ragu sauce left over, so I cooked some pasta spirals, stirred them through the sauce, poured the left over cheese sauce on top, got some bread crumbs out of the freezer and mixed in some mixed herbs and black pepper. It does get a bit repetitive, but we can always eat something else out of the freezer if we get bored. I make 500g of minced beef make 5 meals as I add a lot of veg. Today I added diced carrots, celery and broccoli to the pasta bake. It makes every thing go further.

This has also meant that I could keep my grocery shopping to £15.78 this week. I needed some fruit and veg, some bread and ham for some of our lunches, some Utterly buttery, some UHT skimmed milk and a few other bits including breakfast cereal. Each of our meals is bulked out with veggies or salad and even some bread as well.
I carefully plan all of our meals and spending as this month I am saving up to pay my water bill and put some money by to visit relatives in Bristol. It’s also a very good job that neither Dearly Beloved or I are fussy about what we eat.


10 thoughts on “A week’s groceries for £15.78

  1. For the last couple of weeks I've been planning meals ahead and just buying what is on the list. It's working out much better, and I'm wasting much less food now although I still have a long way to go to get it down to no waste at all. Thanks for the tips.


  2. You are living like kings on this great grub !! You wont find anything as good in shops or most restaurants.
    I tried a couple of frozen dinners when I was ill – not good and they were Marks & Spencers.
    Home cooking is the pinnacle ! I do pretty much what you do but have cut out breakfast cereal. We eat porridge or toast from homemade bread or eggs once or twice a week.


  3. Those dumplings look superb. I cook corned beef hash in the slow cooker with dumplings but find my dumplings are hit or miss. Could I ask a huge favour for you to post the recipe? I don't bulk cook but do plan ahead with meals. I struggle really hard to reduce our grocery bill. Prices seem to be so expensive here:(


  4. I menu plan for the week. But I don't batch cook – either becuas elife is too hectic or I get too lazy.
    I spend $100AUS for 2 adults, 1 three year old and usually 1 to 2 backpackers.
    We eat very well and waste so much less. It also takes the stress out of each day wondering what am I going to cook for dinner.


  5. Re:water bill, did you know that where they give details for paying via internet banking you can also set us a standing order? I do that with SWW. At first it was £15 a week I paid and now we are in credit I pay £10 a week. all a lot less than the £30 a week they actually wanted and as it isn't direct debit I control the day and amount that goes up. Now doing the same with the electric and telephone. When the bills arrive they are less of a shock.


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