Frugal day out

We always try and have a ‘treat’ once in a while and today we went to Tavistock. Unfortunately, so did everyone else! It was packed. We visited the pannier market and I bought some string and grease proof paper to wrap my soap, which I will give as gifts. We looked for somewhere to eat and have a cup of tea and I got what I can only describe as the ‘jitters’ about spending any money! I know a cup of tea and a piece of cake can blow our budget. We ended up having a pasty and a cup of tea each, which cost the incredible amount of £8 for the pair of us! That just seems so much money to me and could provide the pair of us with three meals a day for the weekend.

Tavistock is such a lovely old market town, full of expensive shops……..don’t worry! I didn’t go in those. Lovely craft stalls in the pannier market with delightful fabrics and I didn’t buy those either. As usual, I browsed around the charity shops, which had nothing I fancied today but charity shops are like that; some days full of treasures and some days full of things you just don’t want. I also visited Odds and Suds and took a look at their handmade soaps. They were impressively priced but don’t let my miserly ways stop you from buying a product that brings a well needed income to the local economy.
We saw some amazing shops selling locally produced food and the farmer’s market was in town as well. I didn’t buy anything today; I didn’t go with the intention of doing so. After the shock of ‘eating out’ I couldn’t bring myself to spend any money.
This evening I made ‘Rose geranium and lavender’ soap and had my first soap disaster. It reached trace very quickly and then proceeded to cook even more when I poured it into moulds and ended up expanding out of the moulds. It cracked and split! I researched this and it implied that it may have had too little water, so I added some until I was able to re blend it and get it back to a gel like substance. Consequently my arm nearly fell off stirring the gloopy soap. I can’t bear to throw it away and I will attempt my first ‘re-batching’ as it is still grainy and unpleasant to the eye. It smells so divine that I just can’t waste it, especially as I have used coconut oil and shea in the recipe. If it all goes wrong, then I shall have the world’s most luxurious laundry soap!

Soap disaster or not, we’ve had the loveliest day together.


6 thoughts on “Frugal day out

  1. When I was reading about your soap making the other day it went through my mind that i should send you the oddnsuds link, not really realising how close by you were. Spooky.


  2. Tea and a cake out is such a rip isnt it. I dont think fish and chips cost as much. Sometimes you have to do it but I almost always take a flask and some food.
    Airports are the very worst. And hospitals, I paid 2 quid for a cup of coffee when visiting one recently.
    Hope the soap works out o.k.


  3. I like to support veggie/vegan food businesses on my travels by buying food there but by and large being vegan means carrying a packed lunch on a day out. I drink black coffee and I'm always really shocked by the amount places charge. £8.00 is a lot of money though but it's not too high price to pay for an enjoyable day out.


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