The most precious things ARE free!

I’ve had a good day! Work was good, the kids are great and the people I work with are wonderful. Everything I do is of my own choice and my own making. I don’t agree with everything that happens in this world, I don’t like the way my country is run sometimes, but I can vote and exercise my rights and freedoms. I live where I like. I do the job I choose. I speak to anyone, about anything and I often call, who ever is running my country a berk! I have the right to do that! I live in freedom and democracy and I’ve never known anything different.

If we don’t like the way our country is run, we can use our vote to change it. I can’t imagine having no one to vote for but the people I am told I am to vote for?

Like all of you, I watched the news tonight and was reminded of June 4th 1989. I was a passionate 24 year old, who stood and wept as I watched the BBC that night as unarmed protesters were shot in Tiananmen square. ‘Radical’ young people in China wanted democracy, to form political organisations and to have a choice of who they voted for. All those years ago, my first husband and I were running a pub and we revoked our ‘No TV in our pub!’ rule and plonked the TV on the end of the bar, and dumb founded we watched, whilst surrounded by regulars of our small Cornish village local, as students and activists were rounded up and shot for wanting the simple freedoms we took for granted. There were local farmers and workers from Fowey and Par docks in there that night, who stood and watched the ITV news, almost in tears at what they saw. As the ten o’clock news came to an end, a silence fell in that pub. Dominoes, a juke box, euchre and a few pints of Tinners just wouldn’t do it that night! For a pub, it was a sobering moment!

I was reminded of that night because Liu Xiaobo has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize, which is no comfort to someone imprisoned in China for wanting ‘multi-party democracy’ and he himself was a key leader in the Tiananmen square protest. He is currently serving an eleven year sentence for ‘subverting state power’ including his vocalisation of the treatment of Chinese Tibetans.

Everything I do, I do of my own choosing. Everywhere I go, everyone I know and anything I want is of my own choosing. I am totally free. I might worry about the financial constraints of my life but nothing truly constrains my life in any way. The most precious thing I have is my freedom; it cost me nothing but today I was reminded how valuable and precious it is.


11 thoughts on “The most precious things ARE free!

  1. Of course a great thing about him being awarded this prize is the fact it has seriously hacked off the Chinese regime – I hope it doesn't backfire on him personally – how much bigger message do they need that the rest of the world doesn't like the way they do things


  2. I too remember all of that and the despair I felt, do you think they will get the message that no one else likes what they do. I rant and rave at the politicians who do such stupid things and never give a straight answer safe in the knowledge that I can. Yes!! Freedom is so precious.
    Love Jillxx


  3. last year it was my privilege to go to Nigeria with a group of other western women to teach some of the locals there how to make soap… anyway to cut a long story short… they were celebrating 10 years of democracy – it was not democracy as we know it here in the UK, it was fragile and there was a lot of corruption … but … it was a real reminder to me of how precious the freedoms that I take for granted really are and how blessed my life truly is. We don't know we are born – as the saying goes!


  4. The trouble with the Chinese is that they are the world so any attempts to subvert them from the outside have to be handled carefully.

    They are very nearly a 5th of the population of the planet, they control the debt of many of the western nations including a significant portion of the US and they produce many of the goods that we take for granted. Chances are that the monitor you are looking at started in the far east.

    This linked to the polarisation in the area, ie the enemy of my enemy is my friend ideology that ofter prevails, means they have a lot of clout in the local countries who are all scared of military consequences. North Korea gets away with so much because it has aligned itself with China.

    This is why nothing changes, or ever will so long as it is up to the powers that be. Strongly worded warnings are no threat and sanctions won't work against a company that doesn't need the outside world, rather we need them!

    So although I was overjoyed to see this, it is a token gesture from the outside. Unfortunately the revolution needs to start from within, it's twenty years since Tiananmen Square, it's 50 years since the Dalai Lama was exiled, China isn't for changing unless the people rise up. Sadly that is probably going to mean many more deaths.

    I whole heartedly agree that we take our freedom so lightly, and the buddhist in me truly hopes that things will change over there.


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