Did you miss me?

Apologies for my absence but I’ve been under the duvet, literally under the duvet, for 24 hours. I lie! I have crawled out periodically to be sick! I get a migraine about twice a year and this is the worst I have ever had. The pain and sickness has subsided now and DB is about to get me in the bath…………..I know! Bless! I don’t think I can get by without him.

I can’t say much about the child and parent issue from Tuesday but all procedures are in place and all procedures were followed. It’s too easy to judge parents; some have better skills than others. Some just get by doing what they can and often don’t know where their kids are because they are working 12 hours a day to keep a roof over their heads. I’m not condoning anyone but I always try and see all sides.
I’ll be back to full speed tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxx Froogs xxxx

13 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. Oh, poor you. I always feel really drained and I have to really think about even the simplest tasks for the next couple of days after I've had one. Hope you feel better soon hun. Big hugs. S x x x


  2. Migraines are so peculiar.

    Everybody that gets them seems to have slightly different symptoms and yet they're all called migraines.

    I've been lucky with mine. They don't happen very often, but when they do it almost always starts with something going wrong with my eyesight (sparkly, jaggedy blobs in the middle of my field of vision or similar). This goes away but is replaced by a fierce headache. Luckily, when the headache clears, there's usually a period of about fifteen minutes where I feel really light-headed. As an ex-smoker, this feels exactly like the nicotine rush that used to accompany the first cigarette of the day. This “high” makes the rest of the migraine unpleasantness worth having.

    Clearly, you are not so fortunate. It seems very unfair to only get the headaches, nausea etc. without any consolation at the end.
    That Migraine Fairy is a capricious beast.


  3. I sometimes get really bad migranes.Do you know if you are having a really bad one and are being sick so can't take tablets the local doctor can give you 2 injections one for the sickness and one for the pain and both go away in about 10 mins but they will only give u a couple of them a year


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